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  1. Contest Idea: Build your character around your name for role playing, update your papers, etc, interact with your character's name in mind etc. If you have a name that is ordinary find out what your name means or make up a meaning and act accordingly. Example: (Just an example) My name: memory Building my character: (I travel through MD as a memory of a great warrior or whatever, I chat, and write my papers accordingly...etc) Best papers and role playing wins after a couple months of observation. Thank you, memory
  2. The bad link has been reported. Thank you for letting us know.
  3. [quote name='Shadowseeker' date='28 August 2009 - 10:08 PM' timestamp='1251526120' post='40415'] Uh..what is MpMur? That's no existing one. And..you're trying to get new players, not veterans to go there, right? [/quote] Envy wrote the requirements lol! It is for all levels and since most MP5's and above can buy the creatures other bonuses apply for great ads-traffic from those ads etc.
  4. Envy's Quest for our Ad Campaign. Ad Campaign Creature Quest (by .Envy of Endurance. at MDA - MagicDuel Archives (land of Advertisers) ) 1.Learn how to post ads for magic duel in free forums, blogs, social networks etc. (If you need help with this you can contact any of the advertisers for help.) 2. All links posted must be in line with the rules of the places you post and not erased for invalidity or spamming. 3. You MUST signup for Twitter and become a friend of @MagicDuel - http://twitter.com/MagicDuel Rewards: Here are levels of reward. 10 good links will earn you a bird.
  5. Yes we can get the funds for paid advertising, all those we will have to discuss with Mur, for now the Advertisers are trying a game interaction form of an Ad Campaign which we will be starting shortly since I just got back. Any and all ideas from others that are not Advertisers are welcome, and yes you can send me the bad links that are in the free credit section and I will send them to Mur to look over, but WE do not have control of those links. Thanks, memory
  6. [quote name='Shadowseeker' date='20 August 2009 - 04:42 AM' timestamp='1250772135' post='39923'] Rather than just opening new topics without content, could you please FIRST remove eternalgameslist from the list of free credits? [/quote] The advertisers are not in control of the free credit ads or links, I did bring the eternal games list problem to Mur he said he would look into it that was a few weeks ago. We are responible for offsite advertising currently not on site advertising. But any concerns about ad links I can refer them to Mur. I personally never got an antivirus warning wit
  7. In this forum we will discuss current and future ad campaigns. You can list any ideas for ad campaigns here and discuss any current ad campaigns we are hosting. Thank you.
  8. What is a memory....just remember its just a memory....or maybe DDR3-1333. lol

  9. This section is for the Advertisers to post links to their ads. [url="http://www.learn4good.com/board/index.php?action=vthread&forum=55&topic=5716"]http://www.learn4goo...m=55&topic=5716[/url] [url="http://twitter.com/memorymagicduel"]http://twitter.com/memorymagicduel[/url] [url="http://forum.cheatengine.org/viewtopic.php?p=4316299#4316299"]http://forum.cheaten...4316299#4316299[/url] [url="http://www.theforumsite.com/forum/topic/Does-anyone-like-to-roleplay-/100806/15"]http://www.theforums...play-/100806/15[/url] [url="http://www.onrpg.com/boards/137268.html"]http://www
  10. This is where the Advertisers will place the types of ads we make. 1. If online games are like books then MagicDuel can be likened to the classic Choose Your Own Adventure books! MagicDuel's background story gives player's various options on how to proceed.Some story path may lead you to new areas of the realm or some, perhaps, to your demise. But whichever road you will take, the story will hold you captivated and will make you eager to see what will happen next! BUT unlike the Choose your own Adventure books, which is still limited despite the options it gives, and unlike any other
  11. Report all broken links to me. lolmemory@yahoo.com or message me in the game... Thanks, memory (Cheif Advertiser) As far as a contest, hmm we might just have to come up with something.
  12. [quote name='GgSeverin' date='30 July 2009 - 03:01 PM' timestamp='1248994861' post='38327'] My Avast bounced a troian there [/quote] I will look at it and take care of it I am now the leader of the Advertisers. Thanks, memory I just checked the eternal games link and no virus so let me know if it happens again.. Thanks, mem
  13. Need a large background jpeg that represents MD higher the res the better I have a server you can upload to message me or email rollercoastercomputers@gmail.com or upload to rapidshare. for the advertisers..... Thanks, memory
  14. Are you sure your older than me? And no I couldn not pwn you.
  15. We never ever grow out of our toys! True Very True we just get more toys! Oh well, back to designing my site and my customers sites.....since MD [b]IS[/b] the only online game I play!
  16. The demo account should steal all their creatures and ip locked out from demo account! Seriously though!
  17. Your inactive adepts outweigh your active adepts by 100 fold. When a person says they don't remember you say I am memory.
  18. As a member of the seekers we remain neutral and have no involvement in this war.
  19. Envy of Endurance might.....so pm him Dark. It should be basic html....
  20. Thank you I will use it on my website for free advertising for the site.
  21. How do I get to Marind's Bedroom?
  22. To join the forum that is.... Thanks, memory
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