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  1. hey memory how ya been? i havent seen you in forever!

  2. How did you get your Alliance logo on your signature? I am compooter illiterate. Please help a poor grapefruit.

  3. Hello... I seem to have lost my memory... I have Amnesia!

  4. memory

    Memory's Vacation

    Vacation to the cabin in Overgaard Arizona, attractions Mogollon Rim and Greer Arizona.
  5. What is a memory....just remember its just a memory....or maybe DDR3-1333. lol

  6. Report all broken links to me. lolmemory@yahoo.com or message me in the game... Thanks, memory (Cheif Advertiser) As far as a contest, hmm we might just have to come up with something.
  7. Need a large background jpeg that represents MD higher the res the better I have a server you can upload to message me or email rollercoastercomputers@gmail.com or upload to rapidshare. for the advertisers..... Thanks, memory
  8. Are you sure your older than me? And no I couldn not pwn you.
  9. We never ever grow out of our toys! True Very True we just get more toys! Oh well, back to designing my site and my customers sites.....since MD [b]IS[/b] the only online game I play!
  10. The demo account should steal all their creatures and ip locked out from demo account! Seriously though!
  11. Your inactive adepts outweigh your active adepts by 100 fold. When a person says they don't remember you say I am memory.
  12. As a member of the seekers we remain neutral and have no involvement in this war.
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