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    Drinking(TEQUILA! :P), Reading, Having fun, Making friends , Martial Artsand anything else you can think of :D (apart from that)
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    Mcvities shadow

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  1. sorry bro you gotta have more muscle to impress me, im a body builder ^^

  2. shadow i miss you!!!!!!

  3. Ur cute but i found you?

  4. [quote name='lightsage' date='27 June 2010 - 06:27 PM' timestamp='1277659640' post='62771'] Not even mentioning that it's against some people's nature to ask for themselves to be added... [/quote] Then bad luck to them. On a different train of thought, half of the people mentioned have not created a quest in a long time.....Oo
  5. Well then don't vote if you don't like it, the winner will still gain a reward.Plus I shall add more names. Also rudeness and/or sarcasm is not really needed for it will not make it better, it will make it worse.
  6. Alright then lets do this, if someone new is added, and you wish to vote for them, then you may state their name in a quote box and say that you wish to vote for them. Sorted
  7. Oh well I added that if they wished to be added then they can post here or pm me And no cutler, I just added people that I could think of from the top of my head. If it's a quest that you made, then go ahead and ask for your name to be added ^^
  8. MagicDuel would not be the same without the people that create the most interesting quest, right? Well I think that the ones that create the quests, should be rewarded. So! Here, as you can see, is a poll. Please choose the quest creator that you would like to see win the competition. The winner shall gain a BIG reward. Oh and please vote because you like their quest/s! It does not matter wether you like them or not, base the judgement upon the quest/s that they have made. [size="1"] (If you are not entered then please pm me in game to have your name placed up)[/size]
  9. AHHHHH!!!!Look at you :D =3

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