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  1. Hello Chewett,  I see you are looking for me.  
  2. Handy Pockets   AD 1473   volition 23.22   Grinding, yes as I wait for Awiiya.  
  3. Magistra should stay in jail.     Magistra  You continue to add fuel to the fire you started. even with this simple comment which was not needed.  Please stop.  
  4. In my beginning, I only played Handy Pockets. Then one day I had to read about Nacirema.  I loved the name so much I made Nacirema Asu.  She has not walked around the lands in a long time.  I would tell those I talked to that I was *kets if the conversation turned to one that I thought I should say who my main character was .     Did Nacirema break some rules in her early days?  Yes, did she change her ways?  Yes.     After a while i enjoyed the avatar part of an alt so Nacirema could wear avatars that I would buy because I did not want to chang
  5. Player Name to receive reward: Handy Pockets Period of Trial: August 2012 to 6/16/13 Proof of Pain: Still recovering from pain     Could not remember my password, I missed out on so many things in MD.  I missed all the fun :cool:
  6. so i guess my 1 gc 15 sc is the present bid
  7. Happy Birthday Mur I still have many pieces of Lumber. --hidden somewhere,-- but I think I can find it if needed for a bridge to the other realm
  8. Why was Kyphis neg rep on a Birthday posting? This is last years Birthday wish. It would be nice to Wish Eon a new Happy Birthday update: Happy Birthday Eon.
  9. I agree with Grido. and of course with Seigheart. Seigheart, it is the way you stated your concerns. Do 'we' know why Abra is on GG? What is the history behind his being kept there? What is his history even? these are questions to look into perhaps? I will try to be at meeting, but my schedule does not always allow me freedom to do as I want.
  10. Find Sunfire, I gave him the code for your Avatar. I do not want credits or items.
  11. I will look for it. Please let me know if you find it or someone finds it for you. It took me awhile but I did find an avatar that someone made for my alt. she is not used anymore . I did not think of the avatar until it was gone. I have it now. It is possible to find lost avi's just will take time.
  12. I did not edit the chat from today, I can if it will be easier to read. It was a good day for many [spoiler] [17/02/12 11:30] Maebius:Bring hte Light, I want them back! [17/02/12 11:35] Maebius:Hello JadenDew. [17/02/12 12:34] Ashum:lol... [17/02/12 12:35] Ashum:demo account is the adept of Rex Umbrea. [17/02/12 13:27] Tal:3M!!! [17/02/12 13:28] :Ashum jumps on top of the gazebo [17/02/12 13:30] Ashum:MEWL! [17/02/12 13:30] Ashum: (reacted a bit late there) [17/02/12 13:32] :Ashum jumps over tal's head [17/02/12 13:57] Maebius: *turns his attention to the Gazebo again* Hello all.
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