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  1. My thanks to MRD, MRV and the rest of the MR's for all their help. I feel I have learned a lot from them while training at Golden Globes. Your efforts do not go unnoticed, and I appreciate it very much. Brimstone
  2. I live in CST, GMT-6. I have a varied schedule due to morning classes some days and afternoon/evening classes on others. But I am on for varrying lengths of time from around 14:00 - 24:00 server time. I am still mp3, so limited to which Dojos I would be able to help in for now, but would be willing to serve on the Staff (or as a trainee if that is more suited to my experience level).
  3. *smiles and waves* Hello.

  4. This is so stupid! I try to log on and it says the server may be full...but don't stop trying... so I keep trying, and now am BANNED for trying to log in too much...WTF? This is sure not a good way to entice me to stay with this game... I think if this is not handled soo, there will be a lot more people leaving... I like the game so far, but BANNED? I do not understand this... how long?
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