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    Clock Master reacted to Steno in The Hangover-MD edition (Registration Required)   
    Story 6:
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    Clock Master reacted to Tissy in The art of battle   
    From the previous contests your mighty force and exquisite killing skills had been seen. This time let your elegance and mercy be witnessed.
    In short, the target is to beat your opponent with the minimum effort without annihilation (which means only the win fight counts). So the least difference on the lost vitale between you and your opponent wins.
    challenge at least 3 opponents. no spells or boosting items. the number on identical creatures is limited up to 2 for mp5, 3 for mp4, 4 for mp3. the ritual must contain 6 creatures. at most 3 creatures (4 for mp3) could be the same for the rituals between you and your opponents. (otherwise the result doesn’t count) the remaining vitale of your opponent must drop between 10% - 90% if you defeat an opponent, you must submit your total entries before that opponent does. If your opponent obtained a valid win for this contest from you it invalidates any submissions by the losing party in the dyad.(so to speak,  if A fights against B and wins. I don’t want B wins against A again by the same way. ) The result is calculated on the sum of all three fights you submit. (So chooe your best 3 fights) Rewards:
    1st place: 1 gc 2nd place: 10 sc 3rd place: 5 sc All participants will receive plushies. The first 2 places will also receive anni hollow warriors  
    Fight freely till 3rd May. Keep records of your fight log and screenshot. And submit the record before the end. 
    the result should be submitted by replying in the format below. final verification will be done on the screenshots for winners. (so keep the records)
    Opponent 1: 11% vs 15% = 4% Opponent 2: 20% vs 27% = 7% Opponent 3: … Sum:
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    Clock Master reacted to Ailith in Land of the Dead day / Jail day   
    Chewys prison story.docx

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    Clock Master got a reaction from Steno in The Hangover-MD edition (Registration Required)   
    I'm in
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    Clock Master reacted to Sunfire in Equilibrium tourney IV   
    The tournament has finished, be prepared to greet your new champion!
    but let us begin with the beginning, the fight for bronze: Ledah vs No one
    No one was so impressed with Ledah's path through the tournament he kindly bowed out to maintian his honor. (Or the other world kept him from completing his fight is in a reasonable timeframe).
    Leaving the MD truest fossil as bronze medalist, proving that age is just a number!
    And now, the main event, the legendary fight between a (former) king and a god! Jubaris vs Chewett!
    this much anticipated battle more than delivered, these two oldtimers exchanged jabs without a second thought. when the bell ran and the fight was over only one was left standing... the one and only...
    well done, well done. and as his armor showed not an easy win. a 3-1 result however giving a clear image that his victory was hardfought.
    of course our losing finalist deserves praisings too, a tournament regular that always ends up in the top is certainly a sign of skill.
    from the discussion during and after the brawl we have gathered some interesting information, here are some reactions from our finalists:
    Jubaris has shown his skill in battle throughout many times over, this is a key example of his wisdom:
    as for our finalist, only a mastermind strategy could be used to earn this crown, this is what he had to say on the matter:
    Clear signs these gentlemen are at the top of the foodchain!
    And for now the most important part the rewards:
    1) Chewett:
    the honor of carrying the title of Equilibrium Champion
    1 WP
    1 anniv creature
    Golden wreath 
    2) Jubaris:
    4 gold coins
    1 anniv creature
    3) Ledah
    2 gold coins
    1 anniv creature
    This concludes this Equilibrium tournament. I would like to thank all contestans for making this tourney a truely challenging experience. I'd also like to thank the treasury for their generous donations towards our victors.
    I hope to see you all again next edition. And who knows you could be the next Champion! 
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    Clock Master got a reaction from lashtal in A clearer gameplay   
    When animating the SHMSH fenth I was asked for 10 rainwater. Was this changed to Wiiya?
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    Clock Master got a reaction from Aeoshattr in A clearer gameplay   
    When animating the SHMSH fenth I was asked for 10 rainwater. Was this changed to Wiiya?
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    Clock Master reacted to Aeoshattr in Questmaker's Etiquette Guide   
    Hi all. Since I produced quite a stupendous amount of text, this will come in parts (since I do need time to study and other things too). Please feel free to move, I was not sure if it was appropriate to post this in the "Quests and Contests" subforum.
    Feedback is more than welcome, please try to stay constructive. If you feel that I missed something, point out where and what you think should be added.
    Pardon fancy language. I may or may not have been under the influence of beverages at the time of production. Without further ado, here is the first part, about quest design and sponsorships. The part about judging & rewarding is still a work in progress. Text Wall ahead.
    Questmaker’s Etiquette Guide
    With various fantabulous tips, tricks, do’s and don’t’s
    Glorious Introduction
    Here we shall look at 3 major topics regarding making, holding and rewarding a quest, particularly for the realm of MagicDuel, as follows:
    Quest Design
    What is good design? What is bad design?
    Accessibility. Types of quests. Target audience. Tips for a few types of frequently-held quests.
    How and when to announce quests. Miscellaneous.
    Short tips about who and how to approach for sponsorships.
    List of rough values of certain items and creatures (maybe).
    Quest Judging and Rewarding
    Single blinding, Double blinding and other judging paraphernalia.
    Rewarding: do’s and don’t’s, who and how to approach for help.
    "How to". Quick guide to help you jumpstart your quest. (This will be a skeleton only! To help you guide your own creativity, not to be used as given!)
    Case studies (maybe).
    I shall point to a few quests (mine, unless someone else volunteers their own quests and experience with them) and try to dissect out the good and the bad.
    One thing to keep in mind is that throughout this guide I shall ask questions. These are to provoke thought rather than to demand an answer. There is no correct or incorrect answer in general (with a few exceptions), but there will be a correct answer for your quest. You just have to think how that question relates to your quest (think about how your quest would answer that question, not about what answer I want to hear, if that helps).
    Quest Design
    Briefly put, in MagicDuel there are a few things to keep in mind as a questmaker. Some are obvious, some are not, some are counterintuitive. I will also look at a few specific structures of quests that pop up frequently and suggest tips for them, if they are to be used as templates. I shall also attempt to discuss how to tailor your quest to a target audience while keeping in mind the idea of accessibility, and a few suggestions about how to make announcements regarding quests.
    What is good design? What is bad design?
    In a nutshell, a quest that is well designed will run smoothly. It will not need adjustments on the way, it will not need the direct intervention of the questmaker to resolve issues, it cannot be cheated, and there is no unintended interaction between participants (spoiling or sabotaging).
    It’s vague, unfortunately, and it will vary for each quest types. But here are a few things you can do, or questions you should try to have an answer to:
    Try and test whatever can be tested.
    Do your clickables function, if any?
    Is the quest goal achievable?
    Does it require very personal information (i.e. specific relations of your character in-game)? Could others effectively know and solve it?
    Is the amount of heat/resources/whatever obtainable in the time you give?
    Could you do it? Could someone help you test it?
    Is the time window feasible?
    Will the quest take too long or too little time?
    Does the quest heavily depend on everybody showing up, or on a specific number of participants? Can that become an issue? Can it be avoided?
    Try and anticipate flaws or issues in your quest.
    Are there ways to cheat/cheese it?
    Can it be easily disrupted by a third party (movelock, attacklock, teleporting)? Do you want to change the design to avoid this, or rely on external help?
    Are there any unintended progress-stoppers?
    Is there a risk of participants spoiling eachother, or sabotaging eachother? Is it indended? Is it an issue?
    How could you prevent these issues?
    Is your quest transparent? Is your judging and rewarding transparent? Can people obtain details about judging and rewarding after the quest? The answers here should be yes!
    Can you manage the quest by yourself? Do you need assistance with:
    Scripting clickables?
    Try the scripting section on the forums
    Try contacting known scripters for help (please let me know if you want to be named here)
    Preventing disruptions?
    Do you know who might potentially disrupt your quest? Diplomacy works (most of the time).
    Request help from friends, or protection under neutrality (Can MDA offer such help?)
    Request help from your land leader (if any)?
    Alter your quest design to avoid or reduce the risk of disruptions (hold it in a nojump location, for instance).
    Effectively holding the quest?
    Need a shady character that participants need to chase? Ask around.
    Need another helping hand with distributing things to players during the quest (information, items)?
    Need someone to supervise what participants do?
    Is the quest engaging? Does it feel like an adventure, a continuous process or are there breaks and holes in it? Is it just a series of unrelated trials? Does it relate to MagicDuel at all? You could run a ‘good’ quest without this, but a good quest design will also make the quest enjoyable and fun, not just ‘doable’. One of the best things to do is to try and integrate it with the world of MagicDuel. Try and make it part of the game, rather than just a ‘task’.
    Accessibility, Target Audience and Types of Quests
    Though this may be subjective, one fundamental principle of quests is their accessibility. This doesn’t necessarily mean that everybody should be able to complete it, but as many people as possible should be able to begin it. This may refer to restrictions or requirements on:
    Is your quest for a specific Mindpower only, or does it bias for/against a specific Mindpower? How, why, and is it intended this way?
    Active Days
    Don’t think I’ve seen this one, but is there a restriction on active days? Why? Is it necessary? Why?
    Land / Alliance
    Can only people from certain lands/alliances participate? Why? Does your quest design bias against/for people from certain lands/alliances? Why? Is it necessary?
    Specific people
    Obviously, saying “X cannot participate” will immediately be bad. This does not mean you cannot exclude people from your quests, but it should not be baseless (for instance, that person is a judge or a sponsor, or that person has a repeated history of trolling your quests, etc). But excluding people should be considered bad practice, and making such a decision should be taken extremely seriously.
    Number of participants
    Does your quest have a restriction on how many questers can begin it? Why? Is it intended or necessary, and if so, why?
    Talent & Skill
    Naturally, drawing quests are going to be fundamentally different from tournament quests. Keep in mind though that you can easily put talent into the backseat by adjusting your judging/scoring parameters!
    Does your quest bias against players with specific stat values? Is this intended / necessary? Does it need adjusting (such as tiering participants)?
    Keep in mind, many quests will often encounter at least one of those restrictions. These are not to be considered as deadly sins (or things to not do under any circumstance), but rather things that you should be prepared to explain if asked, or changed if not intended.
    Moving on to the target audience. MagicDuel has a very mottled player base. Some are artists, some are grinders, some are roleplayers, some are coders, some are good with numbers and ciphers, etc. It is very difficult to design a quest for absolutely everybody, so you should at least aim to have a specific audience (whether it is broad or narrow). It is perfectly fine to make a quest for artists or grinders only, but it is good practice to try and make it as broadly available as possible. Think “roleplayers” rather than “that specific type of roleplayer”, if that helps.
    You could also include multiple, different types of players by introducing multiple stages (have a combat stage, an art stage, etc)! This should be designed very carefully however, or it might discourage people from participating. Maybe make the quest for teams, and thus give them the possibility to include different skill types in their team? Up to you.
    Quest Types
    The Arts & Crafts Quest
    The Tournament Quest
    The Roleplaying Scenario Quest
    The Clickie Chase Quest
    The Cipher / Puzzle Quest
    Announcements. Miscellaneous
    Tips about how to announce your quests, where to do so and how.
    You should announce your quest preferably when you are certain you can hold it (this means you have found sponsorship for rewards, if necessary, or already designed and implemented the bulk of the quest). This is often done on the forums, here. Key elements you should mention in your quest release announcement should be:
    Description of the quest requirements (registration - optional, only use if 100% necessary, or details you need for an application)
    The task itself + deadlines
    Judging or scoring methods (do not name your judges. Just say if there will be any and give a few details on what you will be giving points for, if applicable).
    Keep in mind that for some quests it is better to announce later rather than earlier (when you want to prevent people from finding loopholes in your quest, for instance).
    Try and give a decent amount of time, but do not give a stupendously distant deadline. This means people will have to wait very long for their rewards! Give too short a notice and people won’t participate, as they will fear their effort will be wasted.
    During the quest, keep in mind that you announcing details about any of the participants (who is participating, if they have any score so far, who is leading, etc) may lead to their sabotaging! Do not divulge information about participants that is not public by quest design, even if you think it’s harmless!
    Be wary that information leaks. Try to tell as little as possible about the quest prior to its release. You might give details to third parties helping you set the quest up and while said third parties may not participate, they may pass the information further to potential participants.
    Sponsorships and Rewards
    Quest rewards can be varied, but can usually be broken down into 5 major categories:
    Wishpoints. Arguably most valuable.
    Coins (Gold or Silver). Arguably most versatile.
    Creatures. Can vary from extremely valuable and rare, to very mundane.
    Items or Resources. Some can be valuable and usable (spellstones), other are for RP purposes only. Some resources can be used to create other items or creatures.
    Other rewards. This may include things such as nightmode, dreams, melodic charm, medals, group memberships or spelldocs. These can perhaps be some of the rarest rewards, but their value will vary wildly on the perception of the receiver.
    For 1-4, you can approach the Treasure Keepers (namely Eara Meraia in-game). You can also ask for sponsorships from just about any player! However, by the time you ask you should already have:
    A clear quest structure in mind
    An idea of how difficult the quest would be
    An idea of what sort of rewards would be suitable for it
    For 5, you should approach the players responsible for those rewards (for instance, myself for nightmode - Aeoshattr in game)
    Players who can give special rewards (in their own quests and/or as sponsoring):
    Nightmode - Aeoshattr Dreams - Jubaris (?) Melodic Charm - Burns (debated currently, I believe) Spelldocs - lashtal, *Nimrodel*, Intrigue  
    You can always award part of your own items or creatures. If you want to be able to award Wishpoints on your own, you will need to obtain Wishpoint Reward Codes, which you can get from the permanent Drachorn Quest, but are sometimes awarded to questmakers by admins for particularly good quests.
    Keep in mind that rewards should scale with quest difficulty! There is no “here are some average rewards” guide. You should be able to assess the difficulty of your quest and have a rough idea of the type of rewards that should be given. You can always use past quests that you can find on the forums here as a reference.
    If you are unsure of the value of a specific item or creature, you can consult past prices by searching the forum here. Make sure you look at the time and date of the transaction! Prices change in time! If still in doubt, you can always ask veteran players in-game or post on the forums.

    Quest Judging and Rewarding
    While I cannot provide direct instructions as to how to judge each and every quest, I can provide some principles that are good to follow when thinking about how you select your judges, how you send the quest information to those judges, and subsequently how to distribute rewards. Luckily, some IRL principles can be applied here very successfully! Without further ado…
    Judging Principles
    Single Blinding. This means that your questers do not know who your judges are. This is extraordinarily simple to implement and I dare say it is something that you must do in all of your quests. How?
    Ask for judges publicly, but ask for applications to be sent to you privately.
    Go directly to someone you know does judging and ask privately. Make sure you ask them not to divulge their judge status.
    Do not accept judge applications that are made publicly.
    Why is this good practice? Think about questers potentially influencing judges. Telling them “look for a submission like this one, see if you can give it extra points”, etc. If your questers are unaware of who judges your quest, then that is much more difficult to achieve. Always try and go for reliable, reputable players, whenever possible.
    Double Blinding. This means, like single blinding, that your questers do not know who their judges are, but it also means that the judges do not know whose quest entry they are judging! This may sound a bit trickier, and it is, but nevertheless it is not very difficult to achieve. What this means is that you need to take these steps, in order:
    You apply all the principles above when selecting your judges
    Ask for quest entries to be sent to you privately (forum PMs?)
    Make sure you keep a record of which entry belongs to whom (privately). Microsoft Excel (or Google Spreadsheets) is great for this.
    Anonymise each entry (remove player names or revealing details, such as titles, ID, etc). Replace them with “Participant X”, where X is a number you assign so you can undo the anonymisation later.
    Send each anonymised entry to your judges.
    Therefore, the questers will not know who judges them and the judges won’t know whose entry they are judging. This is one of the fairest things you can do. This also ensures that the only one who knows whose entry belongs to who is you. Obviously, this can be cheated, but it is much more difficult than if you don’t do it at all.
    For the more visually inclined, here is an example of what you would receive by forum PMs and what you should send to your judges (using real player names, for the sake of it):
    Other bits and details, in no particular order.
    Google Spreadsheets is a great tool to be used for judging. Here are a few things that it can do (automatically) to make your life easier:
    Maths. It can calculate averages and just about any other formulas you might need just from values you input.
    Easy Sharing. Just send a link to your judges. Make sure you set the document to request permission to view from you by e-mail, don’t let everybody with the link see it!
    Hiding. You can hide certain parts of a sheet, or certain sheets from your judges, so they don’t see either your own scores (if you give any) or they don’t see the totals and rankings so far, so that it will not influence their judging!
    Think of it this way, if one judge sees that he can make the difference between 1st and 2nd place by his choice, it might influence him in the scores he will give in order to put one participant in front of the other.
    Selective Editing. Google Spreadsheets can be set-up to allow each user to edit only a specific portion of the entire spreadsheet. This means you can have a single sheet for everybody, and each judge can edit only his own little section. No changes in the formulas you put in or in the layout, etc.
    This works very well for quests where specific score break-downs are needed (such as an arts & crafts quest, where the total score is composed of many little scores awarded for different criteria).
    You should post your score break-downs, where there are any. This is for transparency. You may or may not want to reveal the judges at the end, and if you do not want to reveal their names (also ask them if they want their names out or not), then simply use Judge X, Y, Z, 1, 2, 3, etc.
    You should double check your scores and calculations. I know it’s very tempting to just take what Google Spreadsheets gives you, but at least look over it once to make sure there are no blatant errors.
    You should aim for two judges for most quests. If you apply double blinding by default you cannot be a judge, unless someone else does the anonymisation for you (which I don’t recommend, I would prefer depending on myself only for this kind of thing).
    Each judge should have an equal weighting in the final score. This means you can’t have 3 judges, but in total their opinion is worth 10% and yours is worth 90%. Each judge should have an equal weighting.
    Make sure your ranking criteria are defined at the beginning. This means if your quest isn’t a simple hierarchy of scores but has some sort of tiers or thresholds, you define those clearly from the very beginning and maintain them at the end of the quest, regardless of how many people ranked in each tier (or didn’t). You should always consult your sponsors, if you think there is a problem with how many people ranked (or didn’t) in a certain position.
    Make sure you provide the judges with your marking scheme. This means be sure that you send them the entries you get from the questers, but also exactly what they should be giving points for, how many and how! If the quest is a puzzle, you might need to send them the puzzle solution. If it’s an arts & crafts quest, you might need to send them the criteria (such as creativity, originality, design, relevance to quest, etc). Always send marking schemes after the quest is finished and when no further entries can be submitted. Just to be extra-safe so your answer doesn’t get leaked before judging starts.
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    Clock Master reacted to Muratus del Mur in Combined items dissapearing   
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    Clock Master reacted to Miq in Need feedback on resource production   
    Can who? i can deplete pretty much everything,,, So "can" who? 
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    Clock Master got a reaction from Sunfire in Testers   
    Active Days: 2666
    Win/Loss quantities:15353/15353
    Balance Status: Perma balanced
    Available time frame: Depending on the day in the week. But most days I am available after 22 server time
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    Clock Master reacted to Junior in New crit setup suggestion   
    My idea of very easy resources to obtain are as follows: Water, Plants, and Branches/Lumber. I am not much for gathering three days straight but I can say three days to me might be (if optimal conditions) 100 water, 50-60 plants, 50/100 of Lumber/Branches. (but then again compared to the Molima these numbers are low :P) 
    Due to its name Aqua? (which I have questions) means water related, and I know what it looks like, I say it should produce moss. By consuming rainwater (versus regular water).
    I think there could be extensive users for moss. In the past, mosses were used as an easily obtainable and multi-purpose packaging material.  Wads of mosses were used to line pits, probably for the storage of vegetables, and also as stuffing for bedding, along with bracken and straw. Also used sometimes as an antiseptic (could be used with some kind of healing role)
    Just thoughts
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    Clock Master reacted to Nimrodel in Unholy Grail quest   
    It was an awesome Quest Neno. Wish there were more people on it. I had so much fun  you should host it regularly
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    Clock Master reacted to Neno Veliki in Unholy Grail quest   
    The winner of the first Grail hunt is Clock Master. For that he is rewarded a WP courtesy of TK's to who i want to thank this way and a birthday creature and wookie point courtesy of Chewy/MD to whom i also want to thank for everything i was given to be able to run this thing the way i wanted.
    Quest will probably be open to play again at some point.
    A big thank you goes to contestants and sponsors.
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    Clock Master reacted to nadrolski in Guardian of Tools   
    name : nadrolski
    ID : 169416, AD : 2338
    location : 1_4x4_2  (Wind's Sanctuary, Capitol of Marind Bell), and if possible 1_4x2_1 (Passage of War) too.
    Being one of Marind Bell's finest, I guess I am the man for the job. Not really an expert, but I can say I have enough experience and knowledge with Marind Bell tools : Buckets, Rain Collectors and those Needles (with exception of the dice). I tried to give way for my fellows for this role, but I guess they really love to see me as a "Guardian Dowser".
    High five!
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    Clock Master reacted to Sunfire in East mystery tournament   
    here are the rounds from the first Mystery tournament:
    Round 1:
    colored creats only, all contestants attack eachother and defend once from eachother, vic=+1, loss is -1, lowest score drops out in case of ex equo repeat between the losers
    team 1:
    No one
    team 2:
    Clock Master
    round 2:
    all creatures but very rare, windys and tainteds allowed, yet only 1 of each family could be used (heretic archer and loreoot archer were seen as different family)
    Clock Master
    No one
    round 3:
    each contestant names 5 numbers in pm these 10 will be the allowed creats given the number of the list (can be provided upon request, my numbers were provided by No one)
    *Sunfire* (1st place)
    Clock Master (2nd place)
    No one (3rd place)
    since i had the advantage of knowing the rounds since i made them (and therfore could have prepared) i wave any reward and pass them to the next in line
    *Sunfire*: none
    Clock Master: 3gc + 4 wookie points + anniv
    No one: 2gc + 3 wookie points
    Magohi: 1gc +2wookie points
    Ungod and Lintara also receive 1 wookie point
    I hope to see you all on the next Mystery tournament!
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    Clock Master reacted to Ivorak in What to do with the big piles   
    I had an idea, but first a question: will all first level resources have to be processed with a fillable into second level resources before they can be used in a cauldron/combiner?
    If yes, ignore, but if no, then I have another question:
    Could a large number of items be combined in a cauldron for something big for a land, rather than specifically a player? Could a huge amount of water be used to build a moat around Tempest Fort? Or could a windmill be built in Loreroot or Marind Bell from 20,000 lumber (or is lumber going to get processed into planks or something?). Etcetera.
    If I had a surplus of resources I'd be as interested in doing something for my land with it as I would be of putting it to my own personal use.
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    Clock Master reacted to Ungod in Why resources get consumed in stacks   
    AT the tag dispatcher in LR there's a tag 'Resource merchant'. Now, that is WiP  and I have no idea what are the plans for it, but maybe having big quantities of resources can help with something related to that tag? 
    after all, having, say 10k branches doesn't have to mean you hoarded tools and used them, you may have gotten them from trade. and maybe hoarding 10k branchs is greed...well...merchants are greedy
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    Clock Master reacted to No one in Why resources get consumed in stacks   
    Of course this is not fair.
    It is like : with age you get more experienced, but you also get old which means that you forget and thus each month you lose 10% of your stats.
    Or you could say : for those new players out there to have a chance, we'll limit the stats at 500 so all the grinders out there ... tough luck.
    Counter examples to "always":
    You said that it has always been considered that resources should be used as a whole stack ... then, I am sorry, but I have to contradict you. There are plenty of uses where you use the items on as needed base:
    all recipes out there use only the required amount of resources (cake, tea, sand castle ... others can fill you in with any other recipes) there are recipes that use a minimum amount and a maximum amount from a stack to produce the same amount of resource : 1-4 sand will produce 4 glass usable resources get used one by one : the memory stones will get use one by one when adding heat or spells to them resources get used exactly to the amount required : the bushies use exactly the amount of water required. ...  well, I'll add more cases as I think of them or others can confirm & add more cases  
    Making ppl ignorant ... lol, you just admitter that YOU (Mur) are ignorant, not the others.
    Actually, every time you make a huge decision like this without considering at least a few of the arguments AGAINST your decision ... it is a disaster. (disasters happen on change not when there is nothing new happening. But ... please read the following so that you can at least have a chance to understand what I'm thinking of.
    Also, you said "making those that are more careful and strategic do better over those that are just repetitive and ignorant. " ... what can we all say ? thank you ?
    Other :
    So, where does this system leave the trade ? Consider that I need 10 Lumber and I am offered only amounts of 50 to 200 ... they will definitely not agree to trade that larger stack for just 10 water.
    My decision:
    Unless you decide that my stacks are too huge or too old and that you want to take them away or short them out, I will keep them as they are (huge) ... somehow.
    I will continue the trades in a fair and undiscriminating fashion with high regard to the time spent to gather all those resources.
    My advice (if you don't want to take a tool and try it yourself) :
    Lower the number of resources used for the combiners. I found it very funny when I've seen the amounts required like :
    20 Toxic Plants --- 1 Toxic Plants has 1/4 chance on gather --> about 80 uses of a basket @ 10 minutes interval --> 800 minutes if the resources are plenty & available 100 Bushies --- 1 bushies =  40 water (taking the old amount) or 15 water (taking the new "smart" bushies system ... lets call it NewSystem) ---> 100 bushies = 4000 water (or 1500 water NS) @ 10 interval (up to 20 minutes depending on the tool) ---> that would be what ? 40k minutes (15k minutes NS) of constant water grinding ... I don't know other combiners now, but the amounts are hilarious to say the least. Do consider converting the resources to time and see where that leads.
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    Clock Master reacted to Jubaris in Marind Bell football team   
    If there's interest maybe there'll be "Classy MB team" (classy=legendary (football) players from all of MD's history...), "Classy LR", "Classy Magicduelist_serial_killers" captained by Dst and sub-captained by Eon, "Team questers" (Dst and Nim capt and sub-capt), "Team Grinders" and "Classy team Grinders" etc.
    But unlikely, we don't have a sport audience here
    Anyhows - now we go to current Marind Bell football squad! (filled out the starting eleven on a quickie, sorry if I missed anyone)

    On the goal we have our team captain, No. 1 - Maebius!
    We'll go straight to me (or my old me), substitute captain, No. 8 - Princ Rhaegar, playing as a not-that-pacy but a good-passed center midfielder.
    Star of the team - Clock Master, No. 11, left winger, quick, athletic and deadly!
    Injury prone Rikstar with his No. 9 leading the attack, Conc No. 14 covering his right side.
    Nadrolski, No. 3, classy full left back that covers the whole left side if required.
    Ungod, classy No. 10, need I say more.
    Sir Blut and WittyleWat have to go in pair and they hold our defense!
    Klawdees a youngster on the right back, came fresh out of the academy, has potential.
    And last but not the least, Junior, aggressive ball-winning center midfielder, has a tendency to get a yellow card in every game.
    edit: the kit is white as intended, the red collar was a poor addon from me, forgot to remove it. Let's call it, Rhaegar-flavored MB alternate kit.
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    Clock Master- 105889
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    Will you be my  Spoiler
    You make my heart (dr)ach
    Remain mine
    Morph into my valentine
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    Very nice idea, especially the last one ;)
    Here some quick actions from the morning minutes
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    I apparently spend too much time on Pinterest and Tumblr. For no good reason, I felt the need to make bad MD valentines real fast and share them. And then I had the very bad thought that others may also want to make and share MD valentines.
    So happy pre-Valentine's Day people! Have fun and add if you want



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