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  1. Item 8 - Darkling, 2836 age ID: 793858 - 31 plushies
  2. I think it means you can use only 3 same creatures in each fight. The other 3 must be different. So minimum 12 different creatures in 3 fights. That is how I understand that rule.
  3. 10 silver for the uncut diamonds and the micro mask
  4. When animating the SHMSH fenth I was asked for 10 rainwater. Was this changed to Wiiya?
  5. 5 bushies(43) means you have 43 stacks of bushies most probably with different values. 5 is your first and oldest stack you had. Those 5 bushies will be used first in the combiner
  6. 2 days ago I placed 20 memory stones into the combiner to obtain Stone Tablet. The tablet was suppose to be ready tomorrow but when I checked today it is gone Same thing happened with the bushies. Have put 100 in the combiner yesterday. Today there is nothing in it
  7. Active Days: 2666 Win/Loss quantities:15353/15353 Balance Status: Perma balanced Available time frame: Depending on the day in the week. But most days I am available after 22 server time
  8. I'll take a drach charm Another great RICA quest. Thanks Nimmy
  9. The added stats spread the page. Right arrow helps if you want to see beyond the =
  10. Is it just me or the game was way more interesting when there was only magic, dueling and adventures? Sometimes less is more

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    2. Ledah


      You can choose to only enjoy the magic, dueling and adventures.

    3. Lazarus


      This thing is in its last days, I'm only here to watch their efforts get wasted and finally crumble. It's inevitable, judging by what I observed in the last few years. 

    4. Mallos


      The "skinner box" is a powerful effect in video games keeping people occupied and it might be a reason why we shy away from adventures nowadays when we can go collect resources instead. To me, MD seems too much like an auction house now. While new innovations are certainly more interesting perhaps what we need is to re-innovate the old roots of what MD used to be.

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