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  1. Is it just me or the game was way more interesting when there was only magic, dueling and adventures? Sometimes less is more

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    2. Ledah


      You can choose to only enjoy the magic, dueling and adventures.

    3. Lazarus


      This thing is in its last days, I'm only here to watch their efforts get wasted and finally crumble. It's inevitable, judging by what I observed in the last few years. 

    4. Mallos


      The "skinner box" is a powerful effect in video games keeping people occupied and it might be a reason why we shy away from adventures nowadays when we can go collect resources instead. To me, MD seems too much like an auction house now. While new innovations are certainly more interesting perhaps what we need is to re-innovate the old roots of what MD used to be.

  2. "or else"? lol ako te ovaj tvoj zemjak dira obrati se meni znam ja kako treba sa njim :P

    btw dobrodosao u alliancu

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