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  1. My Best and most Promising Adept. Alas, poor Vladamere, I knew him not very well. *wonders where kick Adept button is*

  2. Where are you? I am greatly concerned of your being AWOL from MD. I hope all is well with you and your family.

  3. I support this quest, And shall do my best to aid the group. Vladamere ((I am stuck in story mode at the moment, but hope to be out very soon))
  4. Respectful, open-minded, and friendly. A welcome addition.

  5. I Vladamere, would be most honored to be allowed to accompany such a prestigious group as this. A great warrior, I may not be, but I am steady of heart and keen of mind. A quest such as this might well make use of one such as I, who is particularly attuned to the forest. I lend my staff and Onyx's (my falcon) keen eyes. being a man of moderation, I will strive to provide a sense of balance for a group that seems to have brains and brawn covered.
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