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  1. dunno for others but still broken here
  2. i dont know why but i did send her a pm to told her to try and join MB again if she wants....why? why not
  3. i am sorry but i cannot provide a deal, its not something i am familiar with, resources and fair ratio of trading them, as it is not my domain and i cannot step on nad;s authority as the resource guild leader in MB as well as the king's authority   from all aspects i am not the right person to suggest a deal but i do want to see this situation diffused so all of us can focus on creative things, i am willing to help as much as i can but i dont have the right to make any propositions, i hope you can understand 
  4. this is getting ridiculous   no matter what is told about nad he does his job as water guild leader, he IS preserving as best he can water in different ways and methods, he is not hording water for himself but he gives freely to MB citizens and if this seems out of place remember that he is also a MB citizens and needs to protect and respect this lands rules and laws, this land must be first in his mind and it is   no matter the conflict it CAN BE resolved if you stop this war of attrition and by you i mean all sides involved, this is so very much counterproductive for MD  
  5. this is getting funny   so first   then     those 2 do not get very well one with the other, that fight you tell us about seems is just an illusion, a useless fight IF no matter what we do we cannot change different aspects or shape ourselves as we see ourselves, instead we need to shape ourselves in a way that it will fit your vision, your image so we can fit into the mechanism but in this way we need to alter ourselves or be "doomed" to not go up on your scale of values and bla bla   hence the goal of the game seems to be for us to hit our heads on diffe
  6. yes Seigheart very good thinking, lets start a s...storm and have others clear it up along with your personal mess instead of doing something constructive about it. you tell Rhaegar(that right now has exams so very little time for MD, just the same as many others) to do a revival ceremony, good idea but why didnt you did that instead of killing chew? or rise awareness regarding the heat vote, vote that still goes on and has support, decent amount of heat for revive side and its going on for more then a month so it has some strong dedication, still seems to be ignored so plenty of other ways
  7. so an ally that has just 2-3 members but active ones is worse then an ally that has just one active member since ages ago and the rest inactive? i understand symbolic value for some ally members but MD needs active players now and i do not think its fair for LS to get this " punishment" ,but if this ally gets it, much more allys deserve it and holding on inactive players just to keep the ally alive is very wrong also dunno how the rule of 3 players limit is seen by those allys/guilds with only 5 seats but i personally do not consider SI bound to it in any way due to the special role that a
  8. trading a tainted angien, no token age 1029 for a windy willing the pay the difference in coins if need be post offer here or use in game/forum pm if you wish
  9. thank you all for the good wishes...today being me hurts a bit...so i think i'll sleep it over..hope it works
  10. the first part of the history can be found here: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/11810-history-of-marind-bell-chapter-i/ and now the continuation: [b]Chapter II[/b] [b]Ann. 1140 - [2009-11-05 22:03:04 - Alpha 9] Results for King of Marind Bell elections[/b] Elections for Marind Bell King are over. The supreme ruler of Marind Bell land is: [b]King, Lifeline[/b], Probably the most powerful fighter in MD. Vote stats: number of votes, Final score Lifeline: 52, 301 Dst: 18, 120 Shadowseeker: 13, 84 Pipstickz: 7, 49 Between 2009 and 2010, started [b]Page 490 [2009-
  11. first of all i decided to put all the dates of the events in its chronological order that can be found in game, even if the events from the AL may not have the actual dates of the days the events took place bit a bit older i tryed to make it as good as possible using all the info i could find or remembered of the past events, chapter one has almost only dates from the AL and announcements but the next chapter will contain events from the life's of MB players that influenced the land in a good or negative way as always there is the posibility of missing something, so please contact me or a
  12. as said in the title this is a short overview of this alliance main events and is a work in progres, it will be updated as needed when relavent events take place concerning this alliance. please keep this post as clean as possible and direct any questions and info that can improve this post to Clock Master or Aelis [b][2009-06-30 19:34:30 - Alpha 8][/b] Knights of the Bell is the new millitary alliance of Marinds Bell Land. Leader of this alliance is Liberty. This is not a guild so leadership positions are the one with the most loyalty points. The Seekers of Enlightenment remain as the i
  13. Documentation of the war Factions Involved: defenders: Necrovion Sentinels(leader Jester) and Children of the Eclipse(leader Tarquinus) attackers: Knight of the Bell(leader Liberty) and Guerilla Golemicarum (leader Yrthilian) premises of the war: Jester became leaser of Necrovion Sentinels and following his aggressive politics and talks of war Liberty and Yrthilian in defence of Marind Bell and Golemus Golemicarum against a possible armed aggression from Necrovion and launched a preemptive strike to maintain peace. Details can be found here: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topi
  14. this petition was an experiment...it far from perfect but the points given there i consider are consistent...and it was put here to be discussed, every point made in the paper is a possibility that can be explored like the guild, [b]there wont be one [/b], and that path was explored only because its was mur's idea some time ago to make keepers for every land, seems this wont happen and its ok, plus an alternative was also suggested there, not perfect yes but there was one i respect every opinion, even caustic ones, as long as those that make them also give reasons for why this is b.....s and
  15. this was the basis that we had for closing the shrine, it can be developed and shaped in many other forms so in short the reasons behind closing it, or some of them not all
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