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  1. dunno for others but still broken here
  2. i dont know why but i did send her a pm to told her to try and join MB again if she wants....why? why not
  3. i am sorry but i cannot provide a deal, its not something i am familiar with, resources and fair ratio of trading them, as it is not my domain and i cannot step on nad;s authority as the resource guild leader in MB as well as the king's authority   from all aspects i am not the right person to suggest a deal but i do want to see this situation diffused so all of us can focus on creative things, i am willing to help as much as i can but i dont have the right to make any propositions, i hope you can understand 
  4. this is getting ridiculous   no matter what is told about nad he does his job as water guild leader, he IS preserving as best he can water in different ways and methods, he is not hording water for himself but he gives freely to MB citizens and if this seems out of place remember that he is also a MB citizens and needs to protect and respect this lands rules and laws, this land must be first in his mind and it is   no matter the conflict it CAN BE resolved if you stop this war of attrition and by you i mean all sides involved, this is so very much counterproductive for MD  
  5. this is getting funny   so first   then     those 2 do not get very well one with the other, that fight you tell us about seems is just an illusion, a useless fight IF no matter what we do we cannot change different aspects or shape ourselves as we see ourselves, instead we need to shape ourselves in a way that it will fit your vision, your image so we can fit into the mechanism but in this way we need to alter ourselves or be "doomed" to not go up on your scale of values and bla bla   hence the goal of the game seems to be for us to hit our heads on diffe
  6. the first part of the history can be found here: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/11810-history-of-marind-bell-chapter-i/ and now the continuation: [b]Chapter II[/b] [b]Ann. 1140 - [2009-11-05 22:03:04 - Alpha 9] Results for King of Marind Bell elections[/b] Elections for Marind Bell King are over. The supreme ruler of Marind Bell land is: [b]King, Lifeline[/b], Probably the most powerful fighter in MD. Vote stats: number of votes, Final score Lifeline: 52, 301 Dst: 18, 120 Shadowseeker: 13, 84 Pipstickz: 7, 49 Between 2009 and 2010, started [b]Page 490 [2009-
  7. first of all i decided to put all the dates of the events in its chronological order that can be found in game, even if the events from the AL may not have the actual dates of the days the events took place bit a bit older i tryed to make it as good as possible using all the info i could find or remembered of the past events, chapter one has almost only dates from the AL and announcements but the next chapter will contain events from the life's of MB players that influenced the land in a good or negative way as always there is the posibility of missing something, so please contact me or a
  8. he not busy being born is busy dying

    1. Stipple


      We begin to die as soon as we are born, and the end is linked to the beginning. - by Manilius

    2. Stipple


      We begin to die as soon as we are born, and the end is linked to the beginning. - by Manilius

  9. dead trees, dead peoples, dead weather...a perfect cocktail for suicide

  10. i finally got rid of the bug, i took a new torch and logged out but nothing happened, then i got a torch and got killed, this worked, after i was resurected i was able to acces items shops, altars and gain crits again, so all normal.... then i wanted so see if the restriction will happen again if i take a torch again and then log out, and yes, the bug returned, only way to get rid is to die again it seems every time i get a torch and then log out the bug is back again.... droping the torch back in the capitol works as well, i have no restrictions after i drop it
  11. if this is still on...i am in also
  12. welcome to the forums allyce :)...now start searching :P

  13. i am ready to take a more active stand for Marind Bell myself. no name for the role i seek is found so far, the one of a scholar(a heretic scholar) is my goal in game, but as a member of The Seekers of Enlightenment, a responsibility exists allready and so the path to a role. I am ready to take up the duty as a mentor of sorts for all those who wish to became Marind Bell citizens and help them discover REASONS for choosing Marind Bell citizenship. I allready proven i can do this and more and can focus on more then one side. i will help Marind Bell grow in any way i can,from making quests, even
  14. to Shadowseeker: only one entry, either in round 1 or if do not finish your work in time, then in round 2...but only one poem per person, if you write several poems choose what you consider your best work and send it, time may not permit more poems to Grido: any theme is welcomed, but MD themed poems may receive more attention from the jury...but this is only for the jury members to decide if i didnt clarify good enough or i missed something, Kyphis will be able to better explain it
  15. [b]"Willow's Bell" Poetry Contest [/b] The Leaders of Marind Bell extend an invitation to the poets and lyricists of the Realm to participate in the Willow's Bell Poetry Contest. The event will be held at Willows Walk, an established site for Poetry Readings within the Realm, and a site of significance to the citizens of Marind Bell. All types of Poetry and lyrical form will be accepted, within reason in regards to length, and the event is to be a festive celebration of unity between all lands and peoples. All alliances are welcome to participate, as well as those who have yet to fi
  16. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqITfERuFc0[/media] [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6Y5WQUWPzM[/media]
  17. hello aoumi....welcome to this realm :)

  18. my lady of the sea and wind

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