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  1. At home in new Alliance

  2. I have left the Savelites, for reasons of my own, I left on good terms. Me and Prince are steel good friends. I just need A change, and I think The Guardians is where i need to be! Loreroot will always be my home no matter what alliance I am in! I am loyal to my leader, and will always be there for him or her no matter who the enemy is!
  3. Are you going to join another alliance now? Necrovion might be a choice for you. I would say put application in for Loreroot...but I'm not sure it would be a eharmony match! X D

  4. i will help Loreroot in any way i can, i will help find the sword!!!!!! Im looking forward to the quest!!!
  5. Hail Leader of the Church! *grins*

  6. im locating all of our alliance members :)

  7. So that is what my head of Security looks like! Dude, love the goatee...

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