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    I consider myself a roleplayer, but I also immensely enjoy fighting. My character is something of a guardian/protector, so I think it is important to be strong. While I could simply act tough and go around doing heroic things all of the time, I feel it is important to be strong within the fighting-system of the game. This didn't actually take much effort and I don't have amazing creatures (I am a fairly new player), but I feel that it blends very well with my character. It has also gone a very long way to increasing my principles, which if nothing else I can also use in RP-ing.

    Anyways, I suppose my question is: within the actual Magicduel universe (you know, the little girl in the cube, Shades, loreroot, etc) how does your role actually integrate? I can see what you do on the technical level and with the mechanics of the game, but I don't see how that actually integrates with the universe of Magicduel itself.
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