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  1. (continuing thread where DST replied) i did that, refreshed countless times, but my VP/VE bonus doesn't show again [quote name='Chewett' post='25142' date='Feb 13 2009, 09:12 AM']Here is a list of Bugs (or problems) that people have posted regualarly. Reading this list may mean you dont have to post a thread. Free Credits Problem: I havent got the Vp/Vit that i should have when i used the free credits Answer: Refresh the interface (usually F5) and that should displey all your gained points. Also remember that if you go over max and the timer reaches 0 you will lose all your points abov
  2. it happens very often when i do the free credits links that when i do them all, and refresh the screen to see my stats, i don't get any boost on VE and VP
  3. yoo, happy b-day! hope you're enjoying it :good:
  4. hey, whats up? i dont see you around anymore

  5. yes Harion, i am also new, sort of... only 125 days old... i must say i like the idea for hospital and dont worry, just work on your role you make up with, and eventually if it suits you well, you'll become a PWR or maybe RPC (great rewards ) and there ya go... a legend on sight
  6. one of the things i like most at MD is constant developing, always looking for new ideas... i'm just afraid of something bad happening, like nuclear strike that will wipe out server database or something(ok thats a bit extreme but you get the point xD)... who knows what. may it last long, for centuries at least ETERNAL MD!!!
  7. justice for Lord Corg!!! :)

  8. for those who do not know myself and Clock Master got LHO status anyway, i'm here to make a plea for Lord Corg to be one aswell, cause he was in GG for training longer then us 2 and he is really helpful, i guess his problem was that he was unable to stay long online cause of his children (kids can make some problems ) and i would like to ask, can he get some quick testing at least if you people havent noticed him...? anyway i'd like to post this screenshot thx anyway at least for hearing me out... [attachment=902:Lord_Corg.JPG]
  9. Jubaris

    Items idea

    i agree Kafuuka, like i said, i want you people to "fix" my idea limited number of uses sounds good also, like i said, i would want clickable objects with requirements for their usage with unlimited number of uses, but they would drain your action points to zero to prevent you from doing same thing again and again... something like that i just have to come up with a good idea for that kind of item for MD (or wait till someone posts it here
  10. Jubaris

    Items idea

    maybe this isn't new, but haven't seen the idea on forums so i want to share some thoughts... items players posses don't do anything, they help out just role play, well, i'm interested in making items that can do something, like spells, but instead these items can be traded or scripted to use by everyone for example character named, lets say, John, posses an orb of fire, he can boost everyone's heat in the same place for 1k in exchange of max AP (just an example) or lets say staff of the Oak Fort, summon 5 adult knators if the item owner is near Loreroot or maybe an item not in possesio
  11. i dont think letting mp2s get to mainland was a good idea... they can be used to "fix" results on HC at least, pritty easy for mp3
  12. first comment is mine!!! :)

  13. thank you for the information, i will think about it
  14. loyalty system in MD isn't a sign of loyalty Cryx and i dont think you will backstab Savelites, its just isnt right to have your spectators in alliance, symbolic i mean edit: or anyone else
  15. hint to Cryxus: KB is from USA, i am from Serbia, i hope that eliminates your doubts and yes, i called you what i called you, and i don't need to justify it, you were invading us if Savelites are going to be rebuild, i suggest that only true followers take part, and i think accepting Cryxus's spies isn't good thing to do, not that he will threat the stability, just as a symbol, his presence would be bad to the reputation of the Church i personally had forgiven those Pirates, mostly cause no harm was done
  16. i am in same position as tankfans we will speak when i leave Golemus, i see no more purpose in fighting on forums side note: i am willing to accept the reformation of the Church, but i cannot stand the feeling of GG influence, if that what you people say its true, if Grido's intentions are true, then you have my grace in rebuilding the Church altought i don't think you need or care of it
  17. forget it tankfans... they cant understand us "alts" >.< i can take a lot of things, but someone calling me an alt... now thats just evil!!!!
  18. why you think i'm an alt??? *laughs* all Savelites need is a good active leader... KB told some good ideas, but he was busy a lot
  19. i have few questions... who let Grido took over? was it King Bull? and if he did, why he did it? edit: i have my doubts in your leadership over the alliance, not cause you are Grido, member of an alliance that isnt part of Loreroot, its cause of the time you did it...
  20. like i said, i do not agree with the game reset but its like this: if game resets, that time would be good for monitoring new roles, maybe an RPC who makes papers instead of that NPC, when he gives out the forms, you send them back and he approves/refuses them just an idea... it would be really cool if there were scrolls (there are already highlighted scrolls in the archives, if i can put it like that) that contain biography of each player, but player that did something notable
  21. Figurative speech Burns... you said we weren't supposed to fight with you? please allow me to quote the agreement between Savelites and GotR... Treaty with The Guardians of the Root The treaty consists of two statements: 1. Definitively no attacks between the two alliances at all times. 2. Mutual cooperation The first statement speaks that no member of the savelites church will attack a member of the guardians of the root at any time, and viceversa. An exception would be at the dojo locations when they are training and helping each other grow. The second statement speaks that as belon
  22. [quote name='Jester' post='28306' date='Apr 6 2009, 01:30 AM']I'm in favor of a game reset. I think the realm as it is now is not a good place for roleplaying. There are too many random back stories, too many people who think they used to be Gods, and too many roles that don't fit with the story line, not to mention the copyright infringement as far as the eye can see. (in my opinion, no offense intended to anyone). This also has the side effect of ruining the actual game story for me. I do think that past achievements should be recognized, if that is at all possible, such as all RPC and PW
  23. i did Zleiphneir... so what are your interests in this Grido? you love your a-day-ago-enemies so you want to re-form Savelites Church? and lets say you will re-form it, get some members and all... what then? Savelites would go on like nothing happened? The Church won't be under GG's authority?
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