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  1. welcome wish you luck, and i hope i'll see you one day in RPC list
  2. I'm glad you all like the idea it isn't really important when does it start if it starts, but i really hope that The Artisans will get some "fresh blood" so they can work on several projects and work generally faster
  3. i have an idea of drawing pictures representing events from player's history in MD... i would draw them myself, but cause i have lack of talent for drawing, i want to propose this to the artisans for example: creating the Savelites Church, Raven's leave to the sentinels, apearing of angiens... etc. it would be really nice to see art history page
  4. [quote name='Blackwoodforest' post='31672' date='May 20 2009, 03:51 PM']Sve najbolje i pozdrav u "tvoj centar" :lol:[/quote] hehe, hvala zz care MRWander, i try logging in whenever i have time thx for the advice anyway
  5. pozdravi iz centra sveta!!! :)

  6. i don't have anything against Grido personally, actually i think he's a very good person, but that doesn't change the fact that he's FROM GOLEMUS! a clear sign of GOLEMUS OCCUPATION! and it happened DURING THE "WAR"! and now GotR are trying to help Grido fill out the Church...? :fool: what tha...?!
  7. altought atm i am not in any Loreroot alliance, i always was and always be a Lorerootian... the voting... hm... i wont participate in voting for i do not know much about the candidates i know you will all chose right
  8. thx everyone oh and Fenrir, watch out, don't let your soap slip in prison (just joking) don't make a mess while i'm gone
  9. hey all... i just wanted to let you know that i won't be on MD in about 3-4 months due to personal issues... i guess i'll get on from time to time just to check in for few minutes but that's all... MD is the best RPG i've ever seen, and you're the best people i've seen on the net (no, i'm not flattering you ) and after all is resolved (hopefully good) i'll be back love u all, keep on the good work :good:
  10. happy birthday :P

  11. can anyone send me a link explaining Shade War? i'm very interested about what happened then, just didn't found any infos
  12. i have one thing to say: Thank you Akasha, for bringing Loreroot section active!
  13. Mur, maybe you didnt planed ancient role to has more important role, but it happened, and its making MD even better... through all history, people used justifications from their "ancient history" for actions... for example: The Crusades it just made Role Play better but its your game, do what you want, i'll still play it
  14. well, i know it will be hard if you're ambushed constantly, but your objective for now is to acquire Remains, and level it up to high level until it has good regen aura (if it doesnt have it on the start, i think not, i dont remember) , and you can make 20 rituals in defence with the tree, you wont get your creatures dead... your try will always be at 1,4k VE (at max) when it dies
  15. George Martin is the greatest writer of epic fantasy, in my opinion... check out "A Song of Ice and Fire" & "Hedge Knight"
  16. Jubaris

    I'm back!

    *hugs Jazira* welcome back
  17. (yea, figured so i didn't cause i like Mozilla very much and sometimes it works... it happens from time to time i guess, when i do less links, it calculates all update: ok, today it worked fine
  18. happened last two times i tryed to combine free credits boost with sacrifice boost go buy some equips... maybe cause i'm doing it 2-3 links at same time... maybe if i do it one by one and refreshing every time... but it will take so much precious time...
  19. heh okies well, just wanted you to know... i couldnt reply so i made a new one, knowing that you'll fix it well... you got any ideas about my issue...?
  20. [quote name='dst' post='30623' date='May 8 2009, 08:14 PM']Thank you again Awi As for this: Have the courage to name "the idiots". I know that was aimed at me but guess what? I am smarter than you will ever be and I will not leave the game just to please you or others. As for kicking us (them whatever) out: you would like that don't you? You are coward and instead of dealing with me you hide under your "gray cloth" and wait for someone else to do your dirty work. One more thing: I am more integrated in the game then you will ever be. So eat your hart out ps: I will use this topi
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