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  1. Closed! Nobody was into solving it in the last several days, no reason to extend.   Thanks for the bump, my inner quest deadline alarm malfunctioned :)
  2. I joined halfway, otherwise the scores would be different! Also, top 3 are Juba and his slaves! *flexes his trivia/riddle muscles*
  3. I'm so sad to hear that Neno... I wish all the best to you and your family, mate
  4. Here's my instant inspiration :D Caution! It's scary!!   edit: small note, don't take it in personal connection with recent events, I'm against ally take-overs, I like Wodin's symbolism, it's just a story.   [spoiler] All these years nobody summoning him. He did want to take a break and not ponder upon his own decisions, that's why he allowed GG leaders to summon him, but this was over the top! As if everybody forgot about him...   Wodin decided to come back and bring things in order. Straight up from Road of battles, he first strolled towards Paper Cabin to see if there a
  5. Deadline for the end of the quest - Christmas, with a possibility to extend it for a couple of days if one of the questers ask.
  6. 3 gc and the option of not looking at Miq's video
  7.   Don't try to bail out, you're mine in a couple of hours... :D
  8. Jubaris


    Don't you mean Junior's elephant? :P
  9. Interesting slave, yet with big potential to go inactive for big chunks of time! :P So is it just about acquiring that leash, or does it go with standard 'willing to do services' slave attitude? :))
  10. 3 rd place was grabbed too. So it's: 1) Aeoshattr 2) Aethon 3) Nimrodel   Standard 1 Christmas point and 5 silver is still around for people that solve it thanks to Wookie :)
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