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  1. Hello! As per the rules, Captain Jubaris brings word! A topic that will list members of my team, I may update it until the end of the day slightly.   First, I have to mention my battle-hardened lieutenant, born-winner, slayer of torch-wielding Necros, defiler of torch-wielding Necro-friends, glorious knight...  Jubarilisimus Maximus Clock Master!   Clockie got mentioned first because of his practical role on the field, but here go the rest of brave Jubarites in no particular order, for it is hard to put a comparative hierarchy among individual of such spiritual size: Juni
  2. Armor didn't give percentage boosts to stats but fixed amounts, so getting a Sun God Armor was a blast for a long while! I remember an mp3 being super strong only because he used crafty tricks to obtain the set which made him strong.
  3. Yupee! Wishpoint - I need to catch up with those two in 2nd and 3rd spot on the big highscore list :D
  4. Good thing I bumped it :D I personally have no problems with rescheduling - however one of my key team members has a problem with this Sunday and asks to delay it until Thursday, important thing being for the TC to cover the 'extended' weekend because it's very convenient, like you suggested in your first post...?
  5. So everybody has a feel torch starts on 29th of January, which is tomorrow :) But since Chewy is in Poland and on MD vacation for some time (and I was expecting an announcement from him) - is it happening?   Bumping because I'm getting a feel this would just pass on unaddressed for a few weeks...
  6. Joining MB means that, of course, you gotta have a soft spot for willows on your seedwalks, can you agree to that? :D
  7. Judge 3 gave a couple of scores above the limit, 26/20, 25/20, 24/20, for participants 7 and 8   (thus Z is first, Aeo second, Amber third now, but the question is how did he rate others, 15/20 or 15/30, or shoudl 26/20 actually be reduced to 17/20 because it's ~ 26/30, etc. )
  8. Maybe the fogginess would only start be gradually applying after certain amount of viscosity, rather than follow percentage straight away?   An example, if a location hits +20, then you start gradually applying fogginess, and maximum rate at +40, rather than start applying from 0. Thus most of locations won't be affected, and the neglected location will be temporary lost...
  9.   Only if you experiment partially. :P If you experiment on every point in a cyclic tour around the world, then there's no problem
  10. Making a 'surely' statement while referencing Chewy makes it a bit of a lesser crime, but still... :P
  11. Only Chewett is allowed to make 'surely' statements :P The description does go with Dreamweaver tag.
  12. I can see my tag description when I click on my avy, like I should, below my tag.   But other people can't see it, the text is missing for them.
  13. There's a problem reading the log as in the beginning it's unclear who (or what number :P) speaks for which role. Intended?   edit: missed that 'contact directly' part, sorry.
  14.   I know of a number of those... But to be honest, several are Mur's, again :)) Won't make a fortune out of you, though, I'm just selling my ass for WPs :D
  15. Not really a backyard test, you gotta take a 'walk', but from various points on Earth you get to see stars that you can't see on various other points. Aristotle pondered upon that and concluded the Earth is round. If it was flat, navigation via night-sky would be easier, I guess :)   The farther you go from the equator, the farther the ‘known’ constellations go towards the horizon, and are replaced by different stars. This would not have happened if the world was flat:
  16. Well I love the idea, not only because I see a lot of my own items used as an example... :))
  17. Tonight, probably tomorrow, then unavailable up until 8th - there's a chance I will be able to get on for evening of 5th, and through 6th and 7th. (holidays here start from New Year, so family/home trips)
  18. Meanwhile, I have the coins to distribute rewards!   Aeoshattr - 3 gc Aethon - 2 gc Nimrodel - 1 gc Clock Master - 5 sc AmberRune - 5 sc Widebeth - 5 sc MaGoHi - 5 sc   I will edit this post and put names in red of those players that I payed up.
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