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  1. I love chess... i started playing it young... had 6 years when i learned to play it always loved to play it, but never really played with someone else except my family... except that few times on the net, it was the first game that i searched online when i went to my uncle who got ADSL, i think 2 years ago (i didnt posses it at that point)
  2. pa gledaj Grand Masteraaaaa!!! vidis da sam ja preskocio taj "odeljak" i da ga nema :D

  3. well interpret it as: to be citizen of the kingdom of Loreroot (example) you must follow the laws that King made, if you dont, you won't be considered citizen of Kingdom of Loreroot, you can still be there tho, playing an outcast, rebel, disident...
  4. "interests: yes" pa do jaja xD

  5. Jubaris


    yea... i agree... you can tell by the looks on their faces... after all this time tortured by spamming camera, they're finally amused by something, their favourite hobby actually, making evil schemes against non-suspecting innocent players >.< dst: "isn't it brilliant??? >" akasha: *smiles and nods satisfied*
  6. Jubaris


    hah! *points at Dst and smiles* "I know what you did last summer..." >
  7. i think there's no need when i develop my own quests, i will post them on forum, and spam certain areas with info about it
  8. [quote name='The Truthspeaker' date='18 October 2009 - 12:08 PM' timestamp='1255860507' post='45048'] And Fenrir hasnt already got many enemies? Its a shame Fenrir that there isnt any more rpcs, You cant go around begging for wishpoints like you previously did. Thats the only reason you didnt like the demotion of the rpcs. You cant bribe people for free Wishpoints. [/quote] actually he can, if he ever did that, with all those fixed amount of WPs given to "regular" players, but its punishable, like it was during RPCs I guess (altough I did noticed some undeserving WP rewards) the event
  9. srecan rodjendan :):P

  10. I would be delighted to participate but I don't think I'll be able to, due to RL duties
  11. first Tarquinus, I started playing actively in January, joined the Savelites Church as mp3 in February, and devoted this whole time to the Church and Loreroot, so if this 10 months makes me young in Loreroot, very well then yes Yrthilian, I don't forget invading Loreroot lands for such idiotic excuses made public, and I never will, not like some, now I am for peaceful co-existance, but I will not forget my temper lead me towards where I am, if there weren't for my willingness and, if I may call it, patriotism, I wouldn't get here I think, no, I know(!) that Loreroot NEEDS someone like me,
  12. but sir, what will you do about low salaries of the Sentinels if you get elected? in what details will your administration be different for the little people of Necrovion?
  13. welcome to the game... may you stay for ages and ages to come! and i hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do
  14. well I guess I have to... I was waiting first to make talks with other Lorerootian leaders, but I'll state my candidacy now I wish to claim the crown of the King of Loreroot I want to make steps into unifying all our factions, and lead our homeland to prosper I love every fiber of our forest, respect every citizen and as much as I love "my" Church, so do I love Guardians of the Root, first Lorerootians, and Children of the Eclipse, youngest of us and most numerous My reign as king would be forming a High Council yet again, to speak with other representatives from each alliance/group and
  15. HEY! there's already topic for her which i made >.< happy birthday "again!" Pample!
  16. its not so!!! its just when i spot someone notable, and i add the rest too >.< then i wont make new topic to make birthday wishes to: pamplemousse (29), Zakaron (28), Khalazdad (36), Drosco (25), getschi (14) happy birthday you all! (even celebrities now )
  17. Daemon Torvez is a friend of mine... and active one only because you havent heard of him, doesnt mean he's inactive check his profile anyway
  18. i know its ALMOST too late happy birthday Daemon Torvez!
  19. please make it 282 day on saturday! i have school at that time you set
  20. Happy Birthday Grayhawk Srecan Rodjendan Renowan
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