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  1. #fix_the_dream_interface



  2. 'object': Campfire (small circle of stones) requirements: branches + heat gives: Raises 'heat' border from 0 to 4000 (or 2000, or...) for a period of time. Meaning, if you have less than X heat, instead of losing heat, you gain it until you reach the heat border. If you have more than the border, it decreases to X (instead of 0)
  3. Any MBians that wanna play, appear on the date of the event, if I don't appear, take my place, if I do, we'll battle in tick-tack-toe until we decide who gets to play
  4. Kyphis, you knew he was an alt and you would never guess it was liberty? Same question for dst. He has a relatively rare Croatian flag. Even though people can use proxies, you don't dismiss that first clue. His gameplay and forum activities were relatively the same except he grew up and is more cold headed now. He successfully cut out the "ya"s in his posts, that's a plus :D Other than that, he tastes similar. Worrisome that a lot of our rookies of the year are alts, tho? :P 99% of allies can be infiltrated with the amount of dedication Ary provided, as long as you are so and so sm
  5. Please remove cartography obelisks upon their discovery, they are ruining a lot of pretty scenes



      They are already placed using A25.

    2. samon


      I do very much agree.

    3. Witty


      I agree. Willlow's walk was never the same again.

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  6.   Only when you get to skip a bunch of "I agree", and "I disagree" posts, in most of cases, to me it seems counter-productive. It works as an extended hand to the in-game image, turning MD system into a social network, rather than... something else :P
  7. A redacted happy birthday to you too Syri, all the best!
  8. Thanks fellas :) Your thoughts mean a lot!   Also, Nimmy, for some reason you keep mixing up the team I root for, all these years, I love Liverpool! But since my brother and uncle like Arsenal, I'll keep the cake :P   edit: And of course, happy birthday Amber!
  9. You implying Eagle Eye didn't do that on purpose and fill his md-gps with Loreroot essence? :P
  10. Eagle Eye at Maple Road giving an orange location circle, but filled with green, on the map: http://storenow.net/download/a9ab51dbdcc639e528a193927265a58b/greendot.png   (Junior spotted it :P)
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