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Status Updates posted by Jubaris

  1. Going to a village for 2 days, low activity till I get back

  2. so you can log them all, a Granos? :D

  3. "Basketball is back home", Serbia is in Mundobasket finals!

  4. Congrats to USA for the blitzkrieg in the world cup. Serbia is happy with its silver, hopefully there will be more finals in the following years!

  5. pocket watch common item - 3sc, first come first serve!

  6. "Hey Mandy, wanna play? I've got breeeead!"

  7. I just noticed that the whole description of an item is available form the inventory page. Before it was only partial, I think only first ~30 characters were seen.

    I like that it got 'fixed' but when did that happen? :)) 

  8. Tutorial Campaign Quest is becoming clickable-only! Knowledge is the only reward now!

  9. Tutorial Quest Updated and Edited - 3 whole new steps! Read the Quests page at MD topbar for more information!

  10. #fix_the_dream_interface



  11. anyone who wishes to take my Apprentice Axe, contact me! But I wish an MB resource item in exchange

  12. Who is Emerald? Gandalf, Jaina Proudmore (with his Necrovion dark mirrorside being Kelthuzad :D), Maester Luwin, Sotha Sil... :)

  13. Rough translation: "There are two types of misfortunes. Misfortune of yourself, and fortune of others." :)

  14. Metal Bunny, pay us up with those WPs you stingy rabbit!!!

  15. Away till tomorrow evening

  16. Tutorial Campaign quest got slightly updated at the end! One more task!

  17. im locating all of our alliance members :)

  18. alo bre :D nemo' se salite sa velikim majstorom... sve cu vas pod glogov kolac...!

  19. Open letter to that cheeky hellish spawn of the East: this is the last time I get carried away by your coding sugar rushes! From now on I refuse to follow second rate admins, and I'll allow myself to be bribed into activity only by Chewett! 

    How dare you disregard my questions as stupid, you shallow-post-reading Eastern Imp, I spilled sweat and blood for 10 WHOLE minutes! :D

  20. Mur/Council, can you set an option to turn off sounds of battles, messages and the chat?

  21. hehe, moj je prvi koment!!!

    lepa slika ;)

  22. ...and only by admitting what we are, can we get what we want.

  23. since I filed my first lawsuit, I got my new role mode: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mm-mVhvquqw&feature=related

  24. Changed the wording a bit on Tutorial Campaign Quest's last clickie!

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