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Status Updates posted by Jubaris

  1. Unit Raven most definatly is not an alt

  2. oh by the way, I am currently in Slovenia :D

    hah forgot to mention that... my dad works here

  3. children of sanchez!

  4. uuuu welcome back! :) :) :)

  5. off to the sea!

    1. lepus


      to see what you can see?


  6. hail to the italian comrades :)

  7. Waterpolo Top 3: 1) Serbia 2) Montenegro 3) Croatia . YUGOSLAVIA CANNOT BE BEATEN!!!

  8. happy birthday! :)

  9. players that are bellow 100-150 age, please don't message me for being part of my quest. you're supposed to solve it, not to be part of it, my first request was intended for older players who have some teachings to share (or advertise their land/role)

  10. wait, weren't we the pincer, Raven? :P

  11. old PMs erased, inbox isn't full anymore. waiting for applies of the forthcoming youngster quest

  12. don't be silly Raven.

  13. anarchism is order, government is chaos :))

  14. heh, nice avatar you made there for your profile :)

  15. happy birthday Capital :)

  16. welcome to the forums :)

  17. svaka cast za UTOB ;)

    veoma lepo proslo care, bas si ga dobro odradio sa sve nagradama :D

  18. hello there, lazy one. :)

  19. dobrodosla nazad :)

  20. heh didnt knew you had a forum account :D

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