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Status Updates posted by Jubaris

  1. hey, whats up? i dont see you around anymore

  2. hey! well yea, i will work on it :)

  3. How about WP achievement for 2k days as well? :D

    1. Chewett


      Whats the previous one for? 1k?

    2. Rophs


      60, 120, 365, 1k iirc

      Following that pattern the next should be 3k or so :P

    3. Jubaris


      yep, 1k was the previous one, but Rophs, there is 730 as well

  4. How awfully still is this ancient place Guarded by ones that don't have a face

  5. I didn't notice my land loyalty increasing yet

    1. apophys


      Rendril was notified sometime during the day.

    2. apophys


      Actually, it still doesn't seem to be increasing...

  6. I have to quote one of my quest participants! :D I'll keep him anonymous unless he wants otherwise "Another interesting thing I have discovered: Golemus was the result of a mistake ;-)"

    1. Maebius


      says something about the Land doesn't it? *cue friendly smack-talk now*

  7. I like the new forum look

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    2. Rophs


      There's too much negative space in the bottom half of the banner imo

    3. Soothing Sands
    4. Muratus del Mur

      Muratus del Mur

      O.o lol. just changed banner , but..thanks!

  8. I made one update in the "MB legends" post.

  9. I need some Tormented souls as final rewards for new players that finish Tutorial Campaign quest. Anyone willing to donate them?

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    2. Grido


      I have an alt which has some with age on, free ofc. Also have access to the tunnel myself.

    3. Jubaris


      thanks Grido, that is great. It's better for you if you keep the aged ones, fresh ones is all I need for the quest, few ones would cover up a month or two due to the usual time of participants finishing up the quest.

      Maebius already gave me one (thanks for that! :) ) so far

    4. Grido


      well let me know when you want em and I'll go get them

  10. I suggest that the name 'Spells', due to Mur not liking it, be changed to "Eon Wards' :P

  11. I think that if there were "best Princ Rhaegar of the year" as a category in MD year awards, I would lose to dst/Grido or such :D

  12. I was designed to defend this land, and I will do it by destroying everyone!

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    2. Udgard


      Some people are willing to die for their land. I'm willing to kill for it.

    3. Grido


      What happens to the defender, when there is nothing left to defend against?

    4. Jubaris


      he becomes nothing :P

  13. I've received an email from Twitter because of my inactivity. Out of suggested people to follow, they have presented me Paris Hilton, some Twitter default account called "Twitter" and Dst (!).

    1. dst


      I have a twitter account?O.o

    2. Jubaris


      Dst_MD, supposedly you do. Probably for Ravenstrider's quest.

    3. dst


      Yeah, you're right...forgot about that one :D

  14. if you ever get back... Happy Birthday x)

  15. im locating all of our alliance members :)

  16. It's Eon's birthday every day? :)

    1. nadrolski


      sir, i must force all eyes on me.

  17. It's interesting how in the announcements, before, when someone wanted to post there and it wasn't Mur, the announcements were signed by those people (rendril, etc.). Now Mur is the one who is signing his posts.

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    2. Zyrxae


      Rhaegar, do you already call him Hephy? if not, new nickname!

    3. Zyrxae


      Serious response can be found in Chew's most recent & now hidden poll.

    4. Jubaris


      No, this was the first time. Hephy relates too much to Hugh Hefner :D All the more reason to call him that, Wookies get all teh ladies.

  18. just had best christmas in MD ever :D (that's... out of total 2 :D)

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    2. Shadowseeker


      You only say that because of the wind :P

    3. Jubaris


      the wind AND the tainted angien I bought...

      which completes my wish list for period of time x)

    4. Sasha Lilias

      Sasha Lilias

      I was annoyed first that I didn't get anything from the tree, but now....well Im in love with Mur :D

  19. just when I was getting an insight on dst's so called imagination... conspiracy...

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