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  1. About 3 more days till end! Grido in the lead at the moment. *tries to apply marketing magic* Be a winner and outbid him! Born champions spend as much as money as they can on these glamorous auctions!
  2. And yet another entry! Description:It's simple but... hey, it's a carnival reference and a reference to MB's water resources (apple bobbing)!
  3. Here's another entry! Description:A night of lights and Beauty preserved in a frame for eternity. What better scene in MD to express the topography, and the Most significant being in the land? Look at the shrine glow on a starry night, a night of fireworks, celebrations and joy. A night conveying the true spirit of MD birthday.
  4. I am open for some other stuff I would be interested in. You bid and I will approximate your offer. For instance: I value lock in chaos stone as 1 gc, so your bid is 9gc in total and doesn't pass the minimum bid. Winner of the auction gets to choose one 'any creature', yes
  5. min bid: 8 GC automatic accepted bid: 10 GC Deadline: 36h after anyone makes a bid
  6. To clarify, it's one object for sale basically, and by bidding you choose what creature you want to take but you are 'fighting' for the same object of auction.
  7. For the purposes of birthday and my progress in wealth, I'm selling one fresh 'any creature'. The source: previous unused creature reward. Don't go wild, some unreleased creatures aren't allowed for grabs! (sorry for the deceiving headline then :P) But 'standard rare' creatures are ok, so tainted angien, gg drach, windy, snowman, etc, are game and you can bid for those!! No horseman though, no minotaurs, etc. Minimum bid: 11 gc Will last until the end of birthday, standard 24h-since-last-bid works. Enjoy this grand-yet-very-small Juba's auction!
  8. Just a heads up, I got my kings immunity removed, I AM alive but I did lose loyalty points in the process, so all of you dead people can reduce possible hate levels to 50%! Necro, I won't be visiting you anytime soon again
  9. Got summoned back into MD, phew. That was close!
  10. Is this purgatory? (edit: Lashtal tried to kill me, but seems because of my ex-king-yet-still-amazing-dude status managed to 'save' me)
  11. edited the main post, introduced the PM-in-forum rule, and introduced the concept of a deadline
  12. I would very much prefer it here publicly posted, as an observer of other quests I personally never liked hidden-posts-until-results-are-made, it's more fun to see new entries as days go by. -- I value this kind of judging more than random anonymous people, from experience. However, if you're concerned about the bias of the voters, I can make a rule for people to PM me their works, then for me to submit them here, so people don't vote based on the authors, this makes sense to me and sounds like a good suggestion. Works?
  13. As the title says, pretty much! However, there are some tweaks. - Judging will be done by Marind Bellians on our forum (therefore because of the conflict of interest, sadly no MBians are eligible to participate But Juba loves you, don't begrudge!) - Other than the fact that the decoration is taking place in MB, your goal is for the decorations to make sense with MB (be it land or the group of people that inhabits it), something according to your view of its culture. Don't be afraid to be a bit satirical either, just don't take it too far, you might push some votes away - If yo
  14. Happy birthday Sunny, may you reach many statless tourney finals!
  15. First I gotta mention my opinion that this is an attack to the current seemingly long-term balanced system of coins, which isn't that often in MD. Mur, in regards to learning about economy, weren't we able to study it already via rare creatures, or anything rare that is up for trading, why are diamonds a big step forward in that sense?
  16. That's too bad, I could totally imagine you as an eccentric goalkeeper
  17. @Maebius yes, you could even boost the hype of a particular play with an over-emotional denouncing of the interpretation of your character, give out interviews for 'my' newspaper that I would charge in gold and get rich for, etc. On a more serious note, I would also be very curios and enthusiastic if someone would be able to make an impressive performance, and see how much it differs from the truth. Good opportunity to experiment and understand people better! @Ungod I love that scene. That guy with a wig that made the introduction, I would like to have him on my play any day @
  18. Unpredictable - I totally agree, but the question is what is the unpredictable part The way I'm thinking it - you would have some checkpoints of the event. Junior did tell Maebius to kill them, Maeb did kill them, TWs did retaliate, those are facts that shouldn't be changed. But anything between is okay. Plot twist, it was Azull that told Junior to tell Maebius to kill so that he would create circumstances to demonstrate power to do X over Y? Maybe this specific scenario doesn't bring much inspiration, but I hope you hear me When it's decided who will do which role, people (acto
  19. I think ever since Ungod's idea that of a deranged parade that Witty executed, roleplaying events are becoming popular. Nimrodel's birthday quest is fourth of that kind or something in the span of a year. I would like to add a twist. How about we don't use some totally abstract characters, but something MD related. First thing that comes to my mind is take something from MD's long history, a series of events and turn it into a play. People usually are only familiar with chronology, player X initiated a war on land Y, killed that one and that one, etc, but we are not familiar wit
  20. Only if I can too, Aeo There ya go. Meanwhile, on semantics: Campfire works great for the first part of the sentence, doesn't for the second as it doesn't create new resources though. Mur's paragraph after that sentence though justifies even such ideas.
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