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  1. heh, nice avatar you made there for your profile :)

  2. applauds to Fenrir for turning DST into a moral victor. How ever could it be possible... What Fenrir is doing now at dst is totally wrong on so many levels, those attacks on her RL being, but what he done is just degraded to her level. If you people haven't noticed, every argument that dst gives a bit more energy into, dst does the same stuff, trying to provoke people by saying few words that have traces of truth just so it can hurt and disturb their opposition. Only she does it way smoother than you Fenrir, noticable so it seems only by her "enemies", while you managed to turn DST into an
  3. happy birthday Capital :)

  4. [quote name='Pipstickz' date='17 May 2010 - 12:26 PM' timestamp='1274091962' post='59918'] Small question, if the avatars are taken out, what happens to the silver the current owners payed for them? I'm pretty sure Kamil transferred a lot of it to Rhaegar, and for all we know, for this exact reason >> [/quote] I have nothing to do with art planing nor with their creation, Kamil has a role of the trader of the Church, meaning he takes care of the Savelites shop and transfers percent of the profits to me. He also chose to give all the profits from the avatars he made to the Savelite
  5. we already spoke in game but let's make it official an welcome back... welcome back!
  6. welcome to the forums :)

  7. hmmm, almost forgot about this one. Bump.
  8. all creatures are aged, and available for sale: joker LR archer winderwild winderwild winderwild with antifreeze
  9. Jubaris


    hahahaha indeed it is. outstanding work
  10. svaka cast za UTOB ;)

    veoma lepo proslo care, bas si ga dobro odradio sa sve nagradama :D

  11. yes a very fine one indeed. I'm very glad that MD supports growth of life in such way outside the boundaries of virtual world
  12. sure I'll sign up to work with ya, Udgard
  13. hello there, lazy one. :)

  14. I think there was an auction for that avatar, and Udgard bought it, for 18 silvers i think. I should have removed it. (Kamil should soon make a new topic, so he can edit the main post, according to his role and I'll close this one)
  15. currently, Children of Hurin looks great so far got all the best recommendations for it too
  16. just for the ones who don't know, Prince is spelled Princ on Serbian I would rather be just Rhaegar if possible in the future (by free options, I wouldn't spend a WP to correct a spelling error)
  17. "Because the name identifies a person, for heaven's sake!" changing identity also means changing how people identify you "This is about reputation and 'the records' of people, whether you can trust somebody or not, and everything else around them!" scamming and lying is part of life... someone's role might be to trick and tease. What's wrong with that? you need to have diversity of roles in our world... "Same goes for multiple offences, how do you count them on somebody who changes his name?" I doubt someone would change their name and waste a WP only to "break the dojo rules" for 1
  18. I support Fenrir's idea. it would actually be very realistic to be able to change your identity with costs. Why not? If someone doesn't want their history to be forgotten (well if someone changes their identity it might also mean that they do not care about "near mortal annals") they can always announce it on their papers, forums, wherever that that new character is an evolution of previous one. Why are you all so sceptical about this?
  19. Jubaris


    even tho my only "strength" is based on tokened archer with BPs ( ) I support the idea every token having a specific curse chance of happening in a fight?
  20. Jubaris


    dont know will I be able to make it, but if I do, I'll tell about later periods of Marvolo's game... so a bit before he joined the Church up to now. so... Princ Rhaegar - Marvolo just clearing up: I can make a story and submit it to you Indy, then if i dont make it on the gathering, someone else will read it, right?
  21. my first post will include all Avatars available to buy from immediatly. check there for updates
  22. happy birthday bro all the best! (your second birthday here on whom I was present)
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