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  1. anyone remembers who edited the Clash of Ages book into a tutorial for "clickable items"? that content is currently missing, tho, but I would like to speak with the person about something

    1. Chewett


      Might have been Fyrd or Emerald

  2. "oh to be a gunner" :D

  3. most addicted a... why you little devil :D

  4. “It's a sad thing not to have friends, but it is even sadder not to have enemies.”

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    2. Sephirah Caelum

      Sephirah Caelum

      @Grido, so if I don't have enemies I don't need true friends?

    3. Magnus X

      Magnus X

      but arent you yourself your own friend and enemy? i argue with myself all the time but sometimes i'd agree with me-self. but then again...

    4. Udgard


      @grido: you don't need enemies to tell who your true friends are if you don't have friends from the first place! =b

  5. "comment virginity"

    interesting expression :D

  6. did those votes help?

  7. can someone help me out with getting descriptions of LR archer and its all levels?

    1. Jubaris


      nadrolski helped! thanks man! :)

  8. just when I was getting an insight on dst's so called imagination... conspiracy...

  9. who are the active mp6s of today? someone send me a list via pm please, or post it here

  10. going on excursion for 5 days, starting from tomorrow. Dropping MP6 along the way

  11. addiction test - won't log in for "whole" weekend. I'll beat you MD, one day! :D

  12. I didn't notice my land loyalty increasing yet

    1. apophys


      Rendril was notified sometime during the day.

    2. apophys


      Actually, it still doesn't seem to be increasing...

  13. I made one update in the "MB legends" post.

  14. Will the Guilds project ever be finalized?

    1. Udgard


      Not in the near future, I think. Mu'r on vacation..

  15. Saddam Hussein has gone to elaborate lenghts... to build and keep weapons of mass destruction....


  17. welcome back. :)

    why have you made another character?

  18. u sto te napusise sa ovim negative poenima :)))

    bas si gunner, topdzija sa hajberi-a :))

  19. Mr. Gorilla, proceed!

  20. Mr. Gorilla, you are promoted to a chimpanzee, now set your phaser to surprise butt-sex and target secondary Unit Raven!

  21. :o

    Mr. Crusher, escort Unit Raven to his quarters and lock him up.

    Mr. Iluminati, set the course to planet Tost Waste Prime, warp engine 9!!!!

  22. when pigs fly.

    Unit Rhaegar is the Grand Master unit.

    Apply or be terminated

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