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  1. My quick blabla-bery on forums has finally produced results... Yupee! And now a bit of politically correct (but honest) phrases: Thanks! Intriguing quest! Congrats to the rest!
  2. Yes, tried at angien's shrine, then outside of the shrine too (just in case).
  3. Hello! Summoning Ungod with bringin_mb didn't work. He was awake, he tried to refresh, he does have MB citizenship, etc, it's not working
  4. When I put my 100 bushies to the barrel, it said I need to wait 26 000 seconds till I am able to get bushie wine. That was yesterday or day before yesterday. Today when I checked (because of Clockie's complaint) the barrel, it had no timer at all, no clue on the fact that I am supposed to take that bushie wine eventually. So ongoing issue rather than temporary that vanished. Since I guess neither of us finished the waiting time, I don't know whether it's just a problem of the missing timer, or the data of our planted bushies is really gone.
  5. Same here about bushie wine, placed 100 bushies yesterday, or day before yesterday, but the barrel doesn't potray I'm having any waiting time anymore.
  6. @MRWander Ignoring the 'ultimate combat mind power' style, too few of non-mp5s are active, I don't think that will be possible this time. But if at least 4 of same mind power apply, I'll reconsider. @Sunfire Ok, it will be later. @Juni0r It sounds interesting to me on the first glance but wouldn't that make the fights predictable? Morph, windy, bird maybe, darkling/elemental, etc, you quickly run out of options. Because I plan this to be kind of traditional tourney, I'm less for experiments and more for proven options, therefore usually upon similar suggestions I will ask for re
  7. Heigh-ho! Next semi-annual statless tourney (the so called Equilibrium tourney) should take place around end of June, July... 1) Scouting for interested people 2) Also, interested in a discussion on whether some rules should be changed, should some creatures be kicked out while some others introduced... Rewards to be distributed will be in spirit of the last one (WP and champion wreath item for the winner, coins for others, etc) Forum topic for the previous tourney for reference: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/16860-applications-for-the-statless-tourney/
  8. Sure, I would have to raise the requirement bar to 5 participants tho, the WP is on
  9. Well I for one like being 63 year old lol... I don't think an interpretation of active days is needed, although I like playing such RL parallel/approximation games. The fact that you needed to speed up time in our late 2000s considerably shows how this is a bit tendentious, no? Other than that, a bit offtopic, I agree about Dst's bias boosters. Nationalities (please remove flags faster than soon :P), RL pictures, their age, etc, all influence opinion on MD character aside its MD activities, and I don't want to be tainted with that. There's a trend for MD features to be 'do
  10. Results! 1) Nimrodel, as Entry 2 (13 points) 2) Aeoshattr, as Entry 3 (9 points) 3) Dst, as Entry 1 (8 points) As you can see, the battle was very tight for the second spot, but Nimmy the born winner was never in question! The votes were distributed like this (numbers refer entries, first one gets 3 points, 2nd one gets 2 points, 3rd one gets 1 point, comment of the voter on the side):
  11. Grido acquired a darkling! Congrats!
  12. Will post here as soon as Grido's wish gets processed.
  13. Grido wins! Topic can be closed.
  14. If you happen to increase the duration of the quest for a few more days, and there are at least 3 entries, I'm donating a WP for the winner
  15. Auction lasts till the end of this day, at 00:00 scoring time - anyone bids more, auction gets prolonged for 24h since the bid. Grido's bid is still the only one.
  16. Heads up, I suck at drawing, but I tried to visualize its meaning and hopefully the creature will make sense. The thing this creature is all about is protection, it is not expansive, it's just about its own little world, it stands firm and will guard it with everything at its disposal. 1st level - Pet rock: http://storenow.net/download/6047bcecf5ae0d018196e35f15ccdda3/1.jpg - (no description at the moment, kind of self-explaining; under consideration: copy pasting the item description of the pet rock item) 2nd level - Pet rocks: http://storenow.net/download/e585b59d6e34bbe
  17. Today is the final day for new entries, hurry up if you're planning to join If anyone wants a delay, please message me.
  18. About 3 more days till end! Grido in the lead at the moment. *tries to apply marketing magic* Be a winner and outbid him! Born champions spend as much as money as they can on these glamorous auctions!
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