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Status Updates posted by Jubaris

  1. I made one update in the "MB legends" post.

  2. just when I was getting an insight on dst's so called imagination... conspiracy...

  3. addiction test - won't log in for "whole" weekend. I'll beat you MD, one day! :D

  4. "Hey Mandy, wanna play? I've got breeeead!"

  5. going on excursion for 5 days, starting from tomorrow. Dropping MP6 along the way

  6. Tutorial Campaign Quest is becoming clickable-only! Knowledge is the only reward now!

  7. Bin Laden confirmed his death, he plans retribution!

  8. Tutorial Quest Updated and Edited - 3 whole new steps! Read the Quests page at MD topbar for more information!

  9. Waterpolo Top 3: 1) Serbia 2) Montenegro 3) Croatia . YUGOSLAVIA CANNOT BE BEATEN!!!

  10. hail to the italian comrades :)

  11. ah the famous watcher. hail to thee


  12. happy birthday :P

  13. wait, weren't we the pincer, Raven? :P

  14. "oh to be a gunner" :D

  15. players that are bellow 100-150 age, please don't message me for being part of my quest. you're supposed to solve it, not to be part of it, my first request was intended for older players who have some teachings to share (or advertise their land/role)

  16. nooo you cannot be dead! :|

  17. greetings your highness :)

  18. children of sanchez!

  19. ...and only by admitting what we are, can we get what we want.

  20. here's a tune for my fav bots! x)

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