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  1. aha! lies! you weren't really back!

  2. then you get a serious welcome back! x)

  3. I think that if there were "best Princ Rhaegar of the year" as a category in MD year awards, I would lose to dst/Grido or such :D

  4. what's up with appearing once in 6 months to leave few comments? :D

  5. Luxembourg a? Welcome

  6. Mournhold! City of Light, City of Magic!

  7. "If any person has a good word for the previous government that is good enough for me to have him shot." :D

  8. by the way, welcome to SoE :)

  9. hehe :) I'm glad you are, I'm sure you'll have much fun. A song of ice and fire is definatly my favorite book series by far :)

    One of rare things that get my full recommendation in every aspect all the time

  10. when Bell invented phone he had two missed calls from Chuck Norris

  11. gimme the prize...

  12. well done you boy in white! 2-1 to Djokovic (Serbia) against Federer (Switzerland), what a game!! :D ..... :P

  13. I need some Tormented souls as final rewards for new players that finish Tutorial Campaign quest. Anyone willing to donate them?

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    2. Grido


      I have an alt which has some with age on, free ofc. Also have access to the tunnel myself.

    3. Jubaris


      thanks Grido, that is great. It's better for you if you keep the aged ones, fresh ones is all I need for the quest, few ones would cover up a month or two due to the usual time of participants finishing up the quest.

      Maebius already gave me one (thanks for that! :) ) so far

    4. Grido


      well let me know when you want em and I'll go get them

  14. Liverpool 3 - 1 Man. Utd. Enough said :D

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    2. Jubaris


      hahahah, well, life is a bi*ch :D

      at least we had some fun in derbies :D

    3. lightsage


      I find it amusing non-Dutch people supporting Dutch players, lol

    4. Jubaris


      then you and Grido have serious issues, Lighty :P

  15. which came first, the Mur or the register page? :D

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    2. Chewett


      I Know what came first, The Mur, He posted on the forum before the game was alive :D

    3. Sharazhad


      :P Id love to see it! where is it hidden?
    4. Chewett


      Its some of the oldest forum posts, some of these posts are pretty old, check the dates


      Initially The game had a picuture with a question, Which let everyone reply to. And here are the results and such.

      as you can see its the 26th post on the forum...

  16. Rhaegar Team VERSUS Ravenstrider Team - that's the proper name

  17. "size of a nation is measured first by it's ideals"

  18. echoing.... echoing in my mind...

  19. just had best christmas in MD ever :D (that's... out of total 2 :D)

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    2. Shadowseeker


      You only say that because of the wind :P

    3. Jubaris


      the wind AND the tainted angien I bought...

      which completes my wish list for period of time x)

    4. Sasha Lilias

      Sasha Lilias

      I was annoyed first that I didn't get anything from the tree, but now....well Im in love with Mur :D

  20. here's a tune for my fav bots! x)

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