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  1. If Dst wasn't able to make (what is in her mind) objectively right decisions, then she shouldn't be a judge in the first place. So regardless, she (anyone) shouldn't referee situations where she is personally involved, in the form of MD judge. Similar thing happened on Nadrolski's case. --- The root of this problem we're having now is in the system (originally Mur but it goes downwards through the hierarchy) and the selective justice it applies. Because of that, if you change the bringin, you contradict one principle established before, if you leave it as it is, you contradict a
  2. No minimum bid? Then I'll start with 1 gc
  3. Can you shift your restriction, which I assume to be a time restriction, to megabytes downloaded restriction? That way you can do some hardcore MD through low-MB-cost forums and still be responsible! Or... Just hope to see more of you eventually Take care!
  4. (will be) sold to Aethon, the topic can be closed
  5. minimum bid: 1gc auto-accept on: 2gc Ends 24h after last bid.
  6. Thanks, I'm very poor with image editing so my alternative to 'photoshop' was to learn to invoke player's avatar through code first, then get them all at the same time formatted in the same clickable, screenshot, crop and then finally get my desired product It still lacks finesse, but it was decent, I hope as tournaments go by it will go better and better... An ingame version sounds very promising to me, as we go closer to the next instance, I will indeed contact you and see what can be done about it
  7. I think MD has a priority of you dispatching my trophy and announcing to the world the new equilibrium champion as per good manners of a host
  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And finally, the third place goes to Ungod! Clocky forfeited, victim of his busy schedule! So let's recapitulate: Who's No.1? Me! Second place - Mallos! (he had some new and interesting rituals, almost had me!) Third place - Ungod! See you again hopefully in some 6 months!
  9. I win in a thrilling grand finale encounter! After a nasty fight with Clockie, another win by tight margins, 2:1 in points! We only now wait for the battle for the third place between Clock Master and Ungod. All hail me!
  10. Finals: Jubaris vs Mallos Third place: Same pair of the last year, Clock Master vs Ungod
  11. We have our semi-finalists! It's been a bumpy ride as previous tourney's finalists were both defeated so we will surely receive a new champion this time! Marind Bell derby between Clockie and me! Wish me luck! Mallos against Ungod! Fight!!!
  12. No problem! I don't blame you, it seems I kept that rule in a separate post, without editing the main post with the rules to introduce the expansion. The post can be found here: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/16860-applications-for-the-statless-tourney/?do=findComment&comment=168699
  13. 4:0 in points, the rules say you get a point for a regular win, +1 if victory, +1 if enemy has loss count; Best situation is 6:0. I had two victories against Lashtal, but he didn't get loss count, so, 4:0.
  14. added a log in the main post, who won against whom; will make new posts as we get closer to the next rounds, but not for each battle, so check the topic now and then
  15. You applied for it here: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/17436-equilibrium-tourney-ii-applications/ And now let me present you the draw of the tourney! *launches the fanfare* Log: Quarter finals - Jubaris defeats Lashtal (4:0) - Ungod defeats Lintara (4:0) - Mallos defeats Sunfire (2:0) - Clock Master defeats MRAlyon (4:0) Semi finals - Jubaris defeats Clock Master (3:2 in total, 1:1 first then 2:1 second round of fighting) - Mallos defeats Ungod (2:0) Finals - Jubaris defeats Mallos (2:1), Jubarins is champi
  16. Shopkeeper in Willow's shop can now show avatars, password is 'avatars'!

    1. Ungod


      and thus the shopkeeper has another thing for sale. way to go!

  17. 8 participants, perfect I'll organize the distribution in public in several days. Regular distribution rules apply, note that the draw will separate Ungod and me in separate branches because of same ally. If no objections, same land but different allies will not be forcefully separated (cases of Clock Master with Ungod and me and case of Sunfire and Mallos). Same rewards like the previous time confirmed by Eara of the TKs We are now only waiting for Chewy to confirm that he will make the trophy for the winner.
  18. Heh, didn't think about that. I would say it should work with angiens too, but I'm not too convinced about it.
  19. Jubaris

    New ideas

    New creature ability idea - revive: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/17443-new-creature-ability-idea-revive/ New creature ability or aura idea - last chance:http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/17444-new-creature-abilityaura-idea-last-chance/
  20. This aura or ability would target one or some of your creatures and give it 'last chance' effect (perhaps lasting only one or two rounds). Last chance is a trigger which happens if a creature is about to die in combat - instead, it survives the hit of the enemy and stays alive on 1 VE point (losing the last chance buff and dying in case someone else attacks soon after)
  21. A creature ability which would attempt to revive one (or multi) of your fallen creatures at a certain (let's say 10) percentage of their max VE, of course only if the target creature is dead in combat. The creature with this ability should also have some auras so that it would be sensible to use it in combat, revive itself is not useful enough.
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