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Status Updates posted by Jubaris

  1. anarchism is order, government is chaos :))

  2. and hello to you too, holy paladin :)

  3. anyone remembers who edited the Clash of Ages book into a tutorial for "clickable items"? that content is currently missing, tho, but I would like to speak with the person about something

    1. Chewett


      Might have been Fyrd or Emerald

  4. anyone who wishes to take my Apprentice Axe, contact me! But I wish an MB resource item in exchange

  5. Away till tomorrow evening

  6. awesome drawings m8

  7. be gone, spawn of darkness!!!

  8. Been playing Europa universalis a bit... A message to Romanians :Dhttp://www.dodaj.rs/f/25/WH/2jSTSfbI/wp20130921001.jpg

    1. dst


      Awww...how kind and thoughtful!

  9. Bin Laden confirmed his death, he plans retribution!

  10. Black and white tourney rewards updated! :)

    1. Rophs


      make a separate one for mp4

    2. Jubaris


      I might next time. I'm not sure how many interested MP4s would be there...?

    3. Rophs


      you'd be better off asking the the bw tourney thread because not everyone reads comments:

  11. btw nacisto=nachisto...

    na-cisto a ne kao nacista pripadnik nacisticke partije, da se razumemo :D

  12. Burns lost it. Can someone tell me here of all the active mp6s?

    1. Chewett
    2. Passant the Weak

      Passant the Weak

      Burns is back MP6, Shem and Amoran are MP6 too.

    3. Jubaris
  13. by the way, welcome to SoE :)

  14. can someone help me out with getting descriptions of LR archer and its all levels?

    1. Jubaris


      nadrolski helped! thanks man! :)

  15. capital is an extraordinary artist :)

    and I see he has an extraordinary gal :)

  16. Changed the wording a bit on Tutorial Campaign Quest's last clickie!

  17. children of sanchez!

  18. chuckyyyyyy *poke poke*

  19. Congrats to USA for the blitzkrieg in the world cup. Serbia is happy with its silver, hopefully there will be more finals in the following years!

  20. da li je ovo drugi veliki makedonac ove igre? :D

  21. Death brought life to this world.

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