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Status Updates posted by Jubaris

  1. No more reputation points on posts? :)

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    2. Zyrxae


      Seriously though, can we have our old rep system back? This one, like Facebook's, is oversanitized.

    3. Jubaris


      I like the lack of Neg rep points.

    4. Lazarus


      I don't see the need for the negative rep, it just gives people wrong impressions.

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  2. MD's flash animations are acting weird in Chromium for me. Anyone uses Chromium, what's your status?

  3. Who would that be PoE?

  4. Rough translation: "There are two types of misfortunes. Misfortune of yourself, and fortune of others." :)

  5. "Maebius will be back soon, is handling family issues, out of state... If the quest is broken, consider the final step "How would you stop the war?" and I'll be voting on answers at the end of the month, instead of the result I wanted to do, which does not seem to be advancing properly. If anyone submitted something quick, and wants to re-PM me something else, feel free to do so. I'll organize them when I get back in town... SORRY!" Maebius, obviously :)

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    3. Jubaris


      Being cool makes your grammar suffer sometimes :-/

    4. Maebius


      I remembered my password to forums! Hi all, still out of sorts, but thanks for posting for me Rhaegar. I make no claims of coolness or 'grammer' though. :P

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  6. Metal Bunny, pay us up with those WPs you stingy rabbit!!!

  7. Lol, Mur's fb page says he's a criminal profile from NSA... :)))

    1. Pipstickz


      After all, Mur gave all of us profiles. I'd say he's a pretty prolific profiler.

    2. Maebius


      The secret of what MD really is, is out! :P

    3. Ackshan Bemunah

      Ackshan Bemunah

      ..."secret"...not so much

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  8. Off to Slovenia, again :P All quest submissions for the revival are OK now to be submited by PM! I will be off for few weeks but I'll check in often, I hope

    1. Maebius


      have fun travelling.

    2. nadrolski


      see you soon, sir.

  9. Away till tomorrow evening

  10. Changed the wording a bit on Tutorial Campaign Quest's last clickie!

  11. Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name!

    1. Maebius


      what's puzzling you?

    2. Azull


      Is the nature of my game, oh yeah

    3. Jubaris
  12. I've received an email from Twitter because of my inactivity. Out of suggested people to follow, they have presented me Paris Hilton, some Twitter default account called "Twitter" and Dst (!).

    1. dst


      I have a twitter account?O.o

    2. Jubaris


      Dst_MD, supposedly you do. Probably for Ravenstrider's quest.

    3. dst


      Yeah, you're right...forgot about that one :D

  13. It's Eon's birthday every day? :)

    1. nadrolski


      sir, i must force all eyes on me.

  14. Tutorial Campaign quest got slightly updated at the end! One more task!

  15. Happy birthday, Greek :)

  16. "The plastic tips at the ends of shoelaces are called aglets. Their true purpose is sinister."

    1. Maebius


      Bind them. Once more, unto the Fray!

  17. How awfully still is this ancient place Guarded by ones that don't have a face

  18. Burns lost it. Can someone tell me here of all the active mp6s?

    1. Chewett
    2. Passant the Weak

      Passant the Weak

      Burns is back MP6, Shem and Amoran are MP6 too.

    3. Jubaris
  19. Going to Italy excursion tomorrow - all the way to next week. Will try to login via phone, for the sake of activity days, but count me gone!

  20. I suggest that the name 'Spells', due to Mur not liking it, be changed to "Eon Wards' :P

  21. Mur/Council, can you set an option to turn off sounds of battles, messages and the chat?

  22. anyone who wishes to take my Apprentice Axe, contact me! But I wish an MB resource item in exchange

  23. Tutorial Quest Updated and Edited - 3 whole new steps! Read the Quests page at MD topbar for more information!

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