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  1. But gotta add, I'm sorry to see you, DD, making an entry that in my view seems not-that-personal because of the reference to a magic-originated taint. For lengthy periods of time you felt uneasy with events and people in MD, and certainly all of that has affected you. Being mad at the world, that people used to label on you, usually eventually stimulates change in yourself. You have an opportunity to use drops of that passion and create something here, based on your true feelings that you can connect with the purpose of the quest, and by that making a very quality entry.   Not that I
  2.   Indeed, the case is I was talking about general corruption of one's soul, however, I won't refuse entries that are referencing Granos' taint.
  3. Task: Develop a self-cleansing process (in spiritual way), how would it look like in MD, what would it require, etc. Post your entry in this topic. Stuff you can use for example: Rituals, usage of specific scenes to enhance symbolism of your act, abandoning anything that connects with your tainted identity to this point. You can present your thoughts in any way you deem right, although they need to be backed with some words and description. It can just be an 'essay', it can incorporate drawings (but it doesn't have to), if you get an inspiration just follow it.   Wider description: T
  4. Sunfire's bid is the winning bid!   This topic may be closed!
  5. Happy birthday King and Kingsguard! :) How convenient that you have birthday on the same day ^_^
  6.   I'm sorry but I can't accept this offer. I would indeed value nutcracker on 3gc, but I think it would take quite a while to sell it, which I would try to do if I would get it. I think the demand is pretty low for them right now.   In general, not that interested in other creatures (those that I am interested in will not be bidded for a reindrach), coins and maybe items (but that's complicated), no to resources
  7. So, reindrach up for an auction. Age: 625.   tokens: bloodrop1,blooddrop2,claw1   Minimum bid: 6gc. Ends 2 days after the last bit, in 2 weeks max.
  8. @Mrs Pedlington: Drac, from the Latin draco, is the word for dragon or devil in several languages, such as Catalan and Romanian. Golemusians are fans of ambiguity. An addon of "horn" to "drac" just accents that devil-dragon ambiguity, double damage sort to speak. They like to be on potential and go either side, depending of the circumstances.
  9. Those two spells (mark and teleport to mark aka recall) are present in Elder scrolls games, btw.   http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Morrowind:Mark http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Morrowind:Recall   Seems pretty sensible. Can be somewhere deep in the WP shop? Although there might be a tad too much teleport spells around.
  10. "Question 1   I got lost in Necrovion and don't know what to do, I can't leave my scene, has anyone got any advice? - The Headless Horseman -"   Well mister headless horseman, there's someone thrown in a well, as well some as some people... hanging... around, and they've been trying to get out for quite a while, ask around and maybe you can use their valuable experience. Besides, if you don't manage to, I hear all those that came out of Necrovion are mad - I understand it as a metaphor for describing just how cool that place is.
  11. Very close one indeed, was 5-5 around 15h server time, and now it's 6-6 :)) I didn't write much poems or rhymes, and it's starting to be fun. It amazes me that so many people actually read all the entries (some were huge! cudos!) and gave their votes, thanks for the vote of confidence, means a lot! (mine was entry 5 obviously, MB mentioned)   Eh, never gonna grab that WP, tired of these pretty and powerful aramors... :D So many people on the highscore list in front!   Congrats Aeo and Z!
  12. about 15 avatars missing in this topic! :P Wanted to see them, this is pretty nice
  13. "Reverse-umbrella that rips itself off on special rope mechanism pull." Simplyzero got his soul massacred when swimming the Golemus waters. Since then, he can travel underground waters to reach many locations, but every time he travels, he losses a part of his soul. Simplyzero obviously has a major weakness to water. (maybe all of us do :P) My plan: Find Simplyzero somewhere on the open, and invoke rainy weather (spell stone, or ask somebody for help). Simplyzero will panic a bit because he doesn't like the rain, and I will offer him to accompany me under my umbrella. The umbrella is su
  14. Oh my gosh! Audio tape of a Marind Bell diva practicing a song about an ancient LR character just leaked to the net! :o (the lyrics have been altered in a few lines in this known song, listen carefully :P) It's called "Personal Savelfuser"! https://soundcloud.com/princ_reggy_md_character/personalsavelfuser
  15. Aaaaaah, wow, sorry, I thought you were refering to my question on the forum, rather than team's question, when you responded. Hah, how silly :D   Anyhows, seems very fun, looking forward to participate!
  16. Still I feel unanswered.   What I want to know is if a question of team A gets pulled out and asked on the trivia, can team A answer it (being the only one that answers it, thus ensuring the scenario that you named as the best for getting points), or does that mean team A is to abstain answering it, and the goal would be that only one of the other teams would answer it (because you get less points if more of them answer it)?   If the latter, what encourages anybody to answer at all if they know they are helping team A to get points (the problem is just to motivate yourself to ans
  17. So basically, the point is to create a question that only your team will know (to answer when you post it) and get max, otherwise you get less points? Asking because you didn't explicitly state that you will be eligible to respond to the question you made yourself.
  18. "Heritic Archer card" common item.   Should be "Heretic Archer Card". The description of the item is fine though.   Sorry for not providing pictures, this was a quickie.
  19. The schedule says I have a test on 15th of April from 18 to 21h server time, so there's a solid chance I will be late by about 30 min till I get home.   Will it be a problem for my participance?
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