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  1. Everybody voted in the period of a day or two, except Aethon, who hasn't logged into forums since May 29. The week deadline is expiring soon, and the results will be posted.
  2. We are discussing your case internally at the same time, which may provide delays in our answers to this topic.   I think that the general view is that you being part of MRs is not a problem itself, but the conflicting loyalties must be defined. Still, this is only a secondary problem to the one with the KoB thing.
  3. Thank you for your entries! Each was pretty much special in its own way and unique, it was very hard to compare it with each other. I'm sorry there were no rewards other than the one for the first place.   I managed to narrow down my dilemma to Phantasm's and Zleiphneir's entries. Here are my thoughts on the entries so far:   [spoiler] dark demon:   more of a summary rather than an elaboration on how to cleanse the taint, which is the reason why it scores lower. if the steps were worked through, it could have been pretty good.   aethon:   the construction is pre
  4. It might have something to do with the war of Yrthilian and Liberty against Jester's Necrovion. KoB was lost to Necrovion for a period, until Lifeline brought it back. Liberty didn't want to return to KoB (I think it was related to terms of the mentioned war), and it might be the point of your arrival there.   If you're intent on the application it would be very welcome if Pip could say something on the matter, or anyone else who was active with the case. Chewett was, but he is a busy man, and I'm not sure he would remember such technicalities, because the main point of the story real
  5. According to the archives, Liberty invited you into KoB to guard it with your loyalty points. You went inactive, but were kept in the alliance, which eventually lead to you being able to send invite to Pip.   I can't reference the sources to you, because it's in the private part of the Marind Bell forums, but to other MBians I can: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/11939-kob-take-over-situation/?p=107364   You don't remember the situation?
  6. I didn't know MRWander was your main...    Few years ago, Pip took over KoB, he did it with an invite from MRWander, or MRWanderer (your account anyway). This creates a problem for your application, why would you get accepted back with that act in mind?
  7. Sorry for not finishing this yet, just giving a bump so you know I didn't forget. By 1st June I hope for every entry to be described by me and winner determined.
  8. It's hard to discuss a process so very personal while staying on the  concept of general taint. That's why I will look to go into specific forms,  mostly rage, when talking about concrete process of embracing the taint.   The influence of shades and the creation of taint does not come naturally  from ourselves, but with our interaction with the world, the rules and  expectations it installs in us, and our reaction to it.   An urge that is in conflict with the rules of the enviromnent will be held  back. Depending of the urge, it can be a matter of a huge pote
  9. Evaluation time!   I ask for some patience until I announce the results (number of days).
  10. Happy birthday Eagle Eye, have a good one! x)
  11. We have already talked Vladan, and I tried to help you in your need to choose your home, in accordance to your nature, without trying to sway you here. To my delight, you indeed chose it to be Marind Bell. The following goes in case your voting doesn't go through due to people not checking such things :)   Reference to: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/15199-getting-a-marind-bell-citizenship/   (...to become citizen of Marind Bell...) quote: "- Get three (3) Marind Bell citizens to vouch for you and confirm that you are their friend and that they wish to see you as
  12. Don't post dream interface pictures, it's a spoiler, or at least put it in a spoiler box.
  13. Jubaris

    Even Odds

    Yes, yes, I noticed afterwards that you started the mentioned paragraph with "Now... this is a gamble"  ... :) Much cooler that way indeed
  14. Jubaris

    Even Odds

      I probably won't participate in this nice game (although I will if I'm around), but may I suggest changing the prize rules to if two players get 1st place both, they divide 1st and 2nd place rewards (50%+30%)/2 rather than 50%/2 where the 2nd place gets higher reward while actually being third? If more than 2 players tie on the 1st, just split the whole pot on them equally, and that's it.     ...or I just read it too fast and superficially and you got it covered? :P
  15. Why do you think training angiens should be convenient, Aeo? :P
  16. Approximately two more weeks until the end of the quest! PM me if some clarifications are required regarding new entries.
  17. What you said about medicine, Nim, doesn't contradict what I said. In regards to the reaction of the body - you found out a pattern (by observing and processing information) where substance X helps with the disease Y and you apply it. Those patterns can be useful on their own and can be used as a reference to discover new patterns, and you use that to manage yourself in the world BUT they don't grant you the understanding of the realm, you ponder upon the patterns and observations you know and throw some abstract conclusions, theories...  Simply said, those abstract conclusions and theo
  18. I can document dreams, sorry I didn't appear earlier, wasn't following the progress of this topic. Research interface I can do too.   However you feel like it's best, with precise instructions I'll get on it.
  19.   If we shift to reality, nobody can verify 'science' either, observations and trying to detect patterns. In here on the other hand, Mur can validate a lot of research, even though it's not present in some textual form as part of the game at the moment, the concepts are still in his head.   Meanwhile, you can observe and find patterns, deduct reasonable thoughts to the most logical one.   Abandoning the road to understanding of the realm is quite disappointing. Peculiar that you, Miq, as a Golemusian, have that view
  20. I hope this helps a bit for future entries: Repentance, confessions, mantras and prayers, self-punishment, baptism... Many examples you can use in reality, every religion/philosophy should have practices of its own to clean the mind or to wash away something.   Cutting off your hair is a symbol used by many individual women through history after traumas, or decisions to go in a different direction.   How would you do it here?
  21.   It's allowed alright, although the connection with Magicduel itself is a bit loosen, the rest is up personal liking and disliking of the audience and is a legit entry  :) The context can be applied, if for "the lost ones" we use "the ones that stopped playing" as equivalent.
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