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  1. Happy birthday flying beast...! I mean fairy! All the best!
  2. Since we're at A25 clickies, I think a lot would agree on removal of the cartography obelisks (make them disappear once you find them), since they 'ruin' every location they are at. Each has a different marking though, so it would be nice to save them automatically somehow I guess...
  3. vacation trip starting tomorrow, won't have internet access for 10 days :( but will plot offline!

    1. Rophs


      I expect you to dream someone and it better be awesome :D

    2. Jubaris


      it would give you satisfaction that someone had a good dream? :D
      something like that hopefully, I am looking to bring something concrete.

    3. Rophs


      It doesn't even have to be a pleasant one, but it should somehow better the realm.

  4. But there already exists an option for it, only you have to spend 2 credits every time to switch the avatars :)) Kind of a luxury, but doesn't the thought of having several avatars for different roles sound like a luxury?   Maybe if the cost would be decreased for shifting avatars that are already in your avatar vault, this could be indirectly encouraged.
  5. Eh, I change my mind actually (sorry for double posting... again :P). Boosting all levels of all creatures seems too overpowering, considering the bird also has other useful auras, just compare it with the imp. Perhaps boosting just level 3 creatures? (the point would be, like I guess is the case with the imp, to avoid boosting already too powerful creatures such as the windy)
  6. The description implies intention for it to boost all levels, so yeah, I too would make sense to make it so. If it would boost only level1, it would be too much of an advanced technicality, perhaps used for fun by some knowledgeable players in for-fun rituals rather than really useful?
  7. Seems so! I tried to pair windy (has more than 3 levels) with an imp, he doesn't seem to get boosted (though chaotic attacks are hard to keep track of for me)
  8. Now here's a funny thing. I did a third fight, putting a max imp instead of a bird: max ara did 47 damage (boosted), the imp did 185 (his attack stat is 130, so he boosted himself too), but level 1 ara did 15 damage (no boost at all?!)* edit: *actually, not weird at all, announcement about abilities of imps says "at LVL3 does increased damage of level 2 and 3 creatures plus increased initiative (no more effect on level 1 creatures)."
  9. With the bird aura? Magohi and Mythrandir set up a tree for me (no tokens, no influence, etc.), so I tested it a bit. In this specific case - seems bird attackbonus indeed boosts only level 1 creatures (and I heard this from Lifeline years ago, but I also remember a forum discussion recently where it was said that bird auras work properly, one of Ary's discussions) First fight: 10th anniv. aramor max level doing 28 damage, 10th anniv. aramor level 1 doing 15 damage Second fight (adding a bird):max ara doing 28 again, level 1 ara doing 27 (boosted)
  10. Nah, I don't think Dark Demon and Fang suggested ignoring the blog because of the blunt way Dst expresses her thoughts (on her private blog anyway), I think it has something to do with them being used as an archetype of idiocy on 90% of the posts in the blog. I think it's stupid to use their two posts as a proof to announce that a flame war on Dst began. The discussion itself was pretty decent all-around, and despite being insulted as selfish, Witty was very nice and gave her points.   Someone brought up the thought if somebody else posted the thoughts, it would be different. Yes, it w
  11. Slot usage is basically already charged with more 'expensive' creatures, if you take a windy for example, you ensured you can't go all 6 creatures.   Slider is not allowed :P Similar thing that could be legit is allowing combo, but I am still very distant from considering it really. 
  12. Budget max/point system sounds like a good idea and can work. But without allowing tokens, as Sunny suggested.   I need to meet up with Clock Master so we can test around combinations of rules, see if something would work out. I'll consider this a good alternative to try out if standard stuff don't give satisfaction.   I gave some thought on how would the points be distributed though: [spoiler] max:100 pts snowballs,birds=10pts*(number_of_freeze_auras_in_the_rit)       //that would make two snowballs cost 80 pts (40 each) in a ritual for instance windy=40 pts
  13. Didn't notice anybody talking about this, so here it goes: Whenever I login, the player section where you click for more details shows fugitive stuff by default. Everything else is fine, I can click around, it portrays the right stuff, when I click on myself it's the usual stuff, just the default pic on login is that one.
  14. @Myth: heat war, maybe, will need to check on the rules, could be quite nice!   I chattered a bit with Clock Master, gave some thought...   Trying with max 2 freeze auras (maybe even go with only 1 ?!), an option to take off your badge (longer fights would be more interesting, but number of people, especially ally leaders, will not look kindly on dropping their badges), should come either way.   List of creatures (draft): - heretic archer and bloodpact - elemental - bird - water being - knator - lr archers and sharptrooper - remains - unholy priest - tormented sou
  15. Tag game - yes, could be nice!  DOM on the other hand is too much of a separate world.
  16. Digression that could be useful for the future: [spoiler] I did imagine it like a world cup of a sorts Richie, Olympics if it had more disciplines. Hypothetically, if it would succeed, and then some other annual contests to arise (only strict procedure stuff, without subjective judging, for instance Trivias), we could host MD Olympics. Trivias would require credible people to host them, and since it requires an effort to lead it, trivia host needs to get payed somehow (i would like to avoid full-volunteer stuff).   This hypothetical Olympics would need a budget to pay for the staff i
  17. There are no official contests that are held annually, something that players can look up to and prepare. Christmas and MD birthday are great, but you never really know what type of quests/events it will bring.   Combat tournament (statless, tokenless, more requirements optional) is a natural idea.   I was thinking that it would be held two times a year, maybe three (once in every four months).   With WP restriction gone, it can be done 'on our own' until it gains admin support (if it doesn't get it straight away), I can sponsor first few years of the competition :P 
  18. Chewy, why do you keep deleting your posts? That's a bad habbit :P
  19. I didn't judge it purely on how people perceived the post as you say. That phase was brought not as an originally planned phase (as you can see on the main post), but as a result of my dilemma between Z's and Phantasm's entries. The race of voting in the phase was very close, I couldn't rate Z as a decisive winner. It wasn't the very fact that someone tried to elaborate the vote that helped for Phantasm to win, but the arguments that were brought made me give Phantasm's entry an edge over Z's, tight vote race considered, I think that's one of the misunderstandings.   I can't comment on
  20. I hear ya, Chewy, and I'm glad you opened the subject.   There's also one more quote from that post, actually sentence next to the one you quoted:   It was to (try to) ensure people will actually vote for the work they really believe wins over the other one I gently asked for explanations. It wasn't left entirely procedural with counting who has more votes for the same reason it wasn't the whole quest wasn't made entirely procedural with the mentioned reputation system (which failed because low number of people rated entries), to have a human factor trying to minimize the erro
  21. Aethon is the only one that didn't respond (inactive I guess). I was pondering how fun would it be if he voted for Phantasm, from pure number of votes perspective it would be 3-3, which would annul the point of this phase.   The votes went 3-2 in favor of Z, but, I proclaim Phantasm the winner, because the 2 votes were argument backed, while the 3 in favor of Z were plain votes. It was a really close race, both of the works were very good. I will emphasize again the seemingly subjective part of the quest aside the pure protocol aspect, which lead to this conclusion.   Still, bef
  22. http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/ungod   I'll quote a part: To divest of godly powers; to strip of divinity.    Even in the most extreme interpretations of Ungod's (Richie's) motives, you can only say he's proclaiming himself an enemy (loosely said) of the god concept you take so seriously, rather than insult it. Controversial or not, I find this as per the MD way.
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