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  1. Marind Bell defying the odds and travelling to the less-cool-side of Bob.
  2. Here's something to get you started, amazing 1 point scored by me, beat that!
  3. Yep, sorry, just remembered I could test it by making someone else apply it on me. Ungod helped out, and the item indeed works (just doesn't work on yourself, which doesn't need to get updated)
  4. I only got them recently temporary because Nad is dead, not sure did he ever try doing that before, I hope he'll see this discussion. The interface is not reporting any illegal action though
  5. BoL signing papers don't work, at least I can't apply them on myself, didn't wanna experiment on other people... x) When I say they don't work, I mean I don't see the results, I click and do the 'magic' without problems.
  6. You are big in your victories, King of ill-intention! How long can you keep at it, Will you make it go on until your pension...?   You forget about the shades, And they will show you how hope fades! Even your kind they lurk, Their due sacrifice you always shirk!
  7. Doesn't leave much room for interpretation, so someone might not enjoy this poem in the same way as with many of these beautiful works in the topic, but I hope these crude words prove to be tasty for some :)   "Behold this spirit of light, Held in deathly grab tight! Bring him back to life,  And end this darkness-caused strife!   He dwells by water, our King Nad, By all that's holy, restore the vigor that he had!"
  8. It's a corrupted version of "does (or does not) hold water"... :D Meaning if it does, it's a stable solution/answer, if not, it doesn't (because there's as a hole and your answer doesn't hold water, etc.)   I know you are a busy man, so it made perfect sense to me that you just ran through it superficially and made that response. Knowing you so far, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't bring out that chaoticboost similarity conclusion in your right mind :P So if you say you did read everything and dismiss my words, then I dunno, maybe you wanted to provoke with such an answer, getting replie
  9. I must assume things, how do you expect me to function.   The idea lost on actuality since Eon went away, and also considering there are only few of us now. But can be interesting if that glorious day for MD comes.   Unusable resources indeed are not being used, I didn't like the whole thing to begin with, too chaotic. In here though, usability is clear, it is very specific. Back in the day, this would show tangible purpose. Or maybe I'm just too biased with my ideas, whatever :P   "Low response" and "meh idea" can drink water, and I can accept that as a response, before
  10. @No one:  True, but it's not an often case that new people know about perpetual balance, some didn't focus that much on fighting but despite that managed to get in a melancholy over their negative stats or the fact that they are losing too much. Once you see all the big stats, I for one hand get demoralized about my training.   It's nice to present an alternative for someone to embrace his idle-training with a smile, and focus on non-combat stuff until a time comes for the... Sniff? Anyhows, you get what I mean. It can't match the regular hard work of grinders, which is desirabl
  11. I think Chewy just didn't take good time to go through the topic, other than the fact the both are affecting stats, there are no similarities. Also, regarding  a common player chaoticboost is mostly for fun spell I think, while the drug effects would influence a lot of stuff and trigger domino effect and hit hard.
  12. It could be mainlands only indeed, and then other players would be 'hired' to play for certain lands maybe, perhaps even supported by the mechanism in some way. Or as you say distributed by the GM. But not sure will those people outside the mainlands like it and approve.
  13. Lol about those quotes :P   Anyhows, torch is awesome, and I didn't get to brainstorm on a whole bunch of rules, but some main points I think must be included in every idea:   - there are too few people for every land to have a capitol. Even while it was mainlands only it had some unbalanced stuff and lands at disadvantage such as MB, but when you add Underground and Established housings you simply can't stop there and must add MDA, Tribunal... Who knows, maybe even Labyrinth... :P 2 factions only is kinda boring...  I vote for having 3 factions in the torch contest. So ei
  14. Like the title says! PM me if you have one to bargain with, I'll offer a few silver coins.   I need two of those creatures.
  15. So standard statless rules, but adding some creatures: Recruitables (NML, MB, NC, LR) + Imps, Sharptroopers, Soulweavers, jokers, Blood pacts and anniversary aramors.   I'll contact the treasure keepers, ideally I would like to participate myself, but if that doesn't work, I'll just be the sponsor for now.   It will be a knockout tourney, and the pairs will be determined by dice rolls inside the game. People from same land will be put in different branches of the tourney tree, avoiding to meet each other as much as possible. (doesn't count for those without a homeland)  
  16. I was thinking about those newspapers several times in the last period, and I would like to be a part of that. I want to make interviews, and make all the touchy questions! Infamous reporter, feared by all the celebrities!
  17. ... Which is what I was saying... :rolleyes: I think you misquoted the sentence you wish to reply on. I assume it was the individual acquirement of one's leash. That's why one should 'earn' the leash through a effort-demanding process, like Dst originally suggested, and that's why leash's abilities should be updated as is the general consensus (I think).   The rest is nothing new and already said in this topic several times by various people in their own interpretation.
  18. Happy birthday Chewett, may all your debug desires come true!
  19. We already interacted during your adventure with the quest, so no questions from me :) I support!
  20. Dst, people wanted to make an event revolving around buying slaves, leashes were made to support that, but in here you partly focus on the usefulness of the leash powers and dismiss the slaves concept. (the one-way transportation devices can be a separate subject unrelated to the existence of slavery if you want, rather than making them, as-they-are-now, more important than the reason why they were made, if they are that important, then they can have a life of their own, they don't need to have fate bounded to that of slavery)   I agree that the (slave) leash must be earned, but I would
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