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  1. First fight was done between Clock Master of Knights of the Bell and Nimrodel of Seal of Six, where Clock Master managed to grab two points by getting regular two wins (without victories or loss count on opponent's side) over tough nut Nimrodel, arriving into quarter finals where Wideberth awaits him.
  2. I heard this game is stagnating. What would you do to revitalize it? Lack of long-term stuff to compete in with your peers is missing. Hopefully torch will help with that, and maybe statless tourneys, but there needs to be competitive stuff outside combat too. I don't think big number of quests are a solution because that's only for the moment pleasure, some continuity needs to exist like it used to be with Adventure Log (or it seemed to be that way, maybe it wasn't in truth)   Say I'm a player who hasn't played for six years. I have no creatures, and little idea of how the game is pl
  3. Well it's hard to calculate such specific dates 2 months early, well done Dark Demon for such a planned schedule :D But from this perspective, they should be pretty good for me, and yeah, participating.
  4. Here's the current setup of the tourney, unofficially named Equilibrium:   ------------------------------ Sunfire vs Neno Veliki ----->quarter final pair Rophs --------------->semi-finals pair Ungod ----->quarter final pair Chewett vs No one ------------------------------>grand finale Wideberth ----->quarter final pair Clock Master vs Nimrodel --------------->semi-finals pair Mirus vs Mythrandir ----->quarter final pair Jubaris vs MRAlyon ------------------------------       Finalist of the previous statless tourney held by Miq (which had slightly diffe
  5. Jubaris, id 62639, 2486 active days old, mind power 5, and I'm an alcoholic... Oh wait, I guess clicked on the wrong topic. Favorite fruit: strawberry, or at least it was in my childhood and I just decided to keep it officially favored. Why? Because it is red and it tastes nice. Strawberry juice always had a tough race for me with peach juice. Peach juice won the juice war eventually, but strawberry kept the favorite fruit legacy ever since.
  6. Later half of January sounds pretty good to me too.
  7. Congratulations Queen Lintara, good luck with your endeavors :)
  8. I would like to apply to be an interviewer or columnist :)
  9. Applications over! Sorting out stuff time! :)   Gonna consult with participants when to hold the tourney, I even have some suggestions for possible alternatives if we have a hard time all getting in the same time. And after that... Distribution at GoE! :)   Also, the rules for scoring battles will be similar to Miq' previous tourney, one fight in attack and one fight in defense, you score 1 point if you win (regular win) + 1 point if you are victorious, + 1 point if the enemy gets a loss count.
  10. Not too much time left for applications :) Tomorrow when I log in, it's over
  11. Deadline for applications is on 10th of November, 4 more days peops!   After that, I'll make a conversation with all applicants to agree on the date of the tourney.
  12. I think rookie of the year should keep its name, (Dst called me a noob many times, so I'm afraid I'll be publicly shamed by getting nominated :P) maybe even loosening up the requirements a bit. Around a year and a bit more, case by case basis, depending on the public perception, after all it's all about the public recognition?   Most improved player sounds nice and can be pondered upon as a new category.
  13. I tend to agree with what Chewy said about the minimum amount of nominees, although I like the argumentative value of your explanation. :P Sometimes the award holds some traditional value that transcends the current circumstances of no competition in this year.   For instance, Rookie of the year. Let's say this year there's only two nominated rookies. Fine, vote between them, don't cancel the award. Next year there will be more. Perhaps we should define the hardcore awards that must be present every year, and some optional ones depending on the competition, eh? Which ones make MD awa
  14. Updated rewards, now the amount of coins is determined! :P   2nd place gets 4 gc; 3rd place gets 2 gc
  15. I pondered upon pimps, and I am closer to 'no' than 'yes', because they bring nothing new and are just 20-attack stronger grassans. And I prefer seeing grassans than pimps :D Losing the sanctity of black&white fights is a sacrifice of a sorts, but to gain variety and more options. I don't see pimp helping there.
  16. Topic for applications and full rules posted here: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/16860-applications-for-the-statless-tourney/   You can comment here if you want or have something insightful to say.
  17. Apply here! Post your player name and ID.   Deadline for applications: 10th of November.   Some rules: - Statless, tokenless, comboless, knockout tourney - Allowed creatures: Recruitables (NML, MB, NC, LR) + Imps, Sharptroopers, Soulweavers, jokers, Blood pacts and anniversary aramors. - Only mind power 5 this time.   Rewards: - First place: WP, 100 water from King Nad, " " trophy (description and name to be made, you can play with the suggestions. With it, we will also probably give a name to this tourney) - Second place: 4 gc, 75 water from King Nad - Third place
  18. Sponsorship has been granted, WP and a trophy for the winner, coins for the 2nd (and probably 3rd) place(s).   If the response is good - it will indeed be annual, or to be more precise, once per 6 months (nothing definitive, that's my view at the moment).   Give me a few days and I'll make a new topic with the system, details, and to open applications.
  19. Oh no Wookie! Who's gonna code for us now?!

    1. Ungod
    2. Chewett
    3. Jubaris


      Not now, it lasted just a minute or so, some sql error, after the announc.

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  20.   Aeo's post #14 with screenshots and my 12 point ss before it are already counted by the system though. Just saying preemptively :))
  21. Hmmm... I seem to hear something, coming from Aeoshattr...? But I can't see anything, he must be talking from nightmode... :P   p.s. this test torch was a good idea and is doing its work, infos and exploits keep pilling up
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