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  1. heh, nice avatar you made there for your profile :)

  2. hehe :) I'm glad you are, I'm sure you'll have much fun. A song of ice and fire is definatly my favorite book series by far :)

    One of rare things that get my full recommendation in every aspect all the time

  3. by the way, welcome to SoE :)

  4. Luxembourg a? Welcome

  5. welcome to the forums :)

  6. ahoy there, Sir Darigan! :)

  7. when pigs fly.

    Unit Rhaegar is the Grand Master unit.

    Apply or be terminated

  8. :o

    Mr. Crusher, escort Unit Raven to his quarters and lock him up.

    Mr. Iluminati, set the course to planet Tost Waste Prime, warp engine 9!!!!

  9. Mr. Gorilla, you are promoted to a chimpanzee, now set your phaser to surprise butt-sex and target secondary Unit Raven!

  10. Mr. Gorilla, proceed!

  11. if you ever get back... Happy Birthday x)

  12. you have problems with me words? :D

    well sometimes, it's interesting :)

  13. hehe thank you :)

    but saying one word hardly makes me a pirate :D

  14. Rhaegar-magic brought you back! ^^

    Even if it's only for several days, welcome back :)

    I missed our conversations.

  15. u sto te napusise sa ovim negative poenima :)))

    bas si gunner, topdzija sa hajberi-a :))

  16. Happy birthday, Greek :)

  17. did those votes help?

  18. "comment virginity"

    interesting expression :D

  19. heh didnt knew you had a forum account :D

  20. most addicted a... why you little devil :D

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