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  1. Someone solved it first! 2nd and 3rd prizes are still there for grabs, plus, not sure if Chewy is going to give more rewards to those 3 winners or will all the other players that solve it after those 3 also get something 'standard'. :)
  2. And Ungod holds the third place by defeating Clock Master 2-1 in the narrowest match regarding score, if we don't count the few draws between Mythrandir and Alyon :)   So the rewards are:   Sunfire - 1 WP, "Golden Wreath" item; (Eara/Chewie) 100 water (Nadrolski) MRAlyon - 4 gc (Eara), 75 water (Nadrolski) Ungod - 2 gc (Eara), 50 water (Nadrolski)
  3. Not to spam too much, here it goes: - While the highest bid is below 10 sc, I'll wait some 4-5 days for anyone to outbid it, if not, sold! - While the highest bid is 10 sc or higher, the waiting time is 2 days
  4. Aaaaaand, we have a winner!   Sunfire, winning 2-0, had a close one in his encounter with MRAlyon.   He's the first winner of the Equilibrium tourney!!   Now, we wait to resolve the third place before the distribution of rewards begin. The winning trophy is called "Golden wreath", it'll have some infos inscribed ;)   Hats off to MRAlyon on his perilous journey to the finals, but Sunfire had it in him this time!
  5. Still nobody solved the quest journey, grab your chance folks! The journey isn't long, has only several steps.   I'll be around for most of the day, with possible 10-15 min delay in response.
  6. MRAlyon battle his way to 3-0 against Clock Master, grabbing his spot in the grand finaleee! Clockie sadly has to fight his ally mate Ungod for the third place. And now, I present you the grand finaleeee: Sunfire vs MRAlyon
  7. Welcome to my clickie-based adventure! Wohooo!   To start, go to Willow's shop (exterior) and tell "I want presents" to the boardsign. Good luck and have a hard time solving it!   Rewards for the questers, based on who solves it first: 1) 5 Christmas points 2) 4 Christmas points 3) 3 Christmas point   Those that finish it afterwards: 1 Christmas point + 5 silver coins   Christmas points reference: http://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/3729       edit: Deadline - 25th of December (can be extended upon request)
  8. fossil of the year - dst (mostly because of the blog, the most trendy fossilish thing around) most addicted - Asthir most improved - Aeoshattr pre-eminent role player- Azull prime quest - Zleiphneir (on his various MD birthday festival quests, but I nominate mostly those I won :P)
  9. Doesn't count if you're too lazy to write them all down, Dst! :P   Most popular - Chewett
  10.   I think Firestarter planned the timing all along.
  11. Sunfire won against Rophs, and then met with Ungod soon after to score another win. Thus, Sunfire is in the finals, awaiting the winner from the second semi-final pair!   Ungod now awaits his pair to fight for the third place.
  12. Sunfire won against Neno veliki with 2-0 in points to arrange a date with Rophs.   Because of Mirus' inactivity, he had to be disqualified sadly :( As such, Myth had a 'free pass'. Later, Mythrandir produced a quality display to hold off MRAlyon with 2 draws, before eventually succumbing to the Golemusian. Thus MRAlyon came out the winner from the toughest round of the tourney so far, arriving into the semi-finals where Clock Master awaits. So, the current state is:     ------------------------------ Sunfire vs Neno Veliki ----->quarter final pair: Sunfire vs Rophs Ro
  13. Like the title says, acquired by token removal gel. Bid privately or publicly
  14. It has a small coded part, that was a script done by Maebius written years ago, though :)
  15.   I appreciate the nomination, but I don't think I qualify :P Never coded something in MD.
  16. And in the Romanian derby, Ungod produced quality hits to ensure 2-0 score against No one in two entertaining battles. The two Knights of the Bell are now the first contestants that secured a semi-final place.   Seal of Six is now down from 3 to 1 contestant, only Sunfire remaining, but as he was a finalist on the previous statless tourney, he has the ability to even the odds. First things first, the only Necrovion representative, Neno Veliki, awaits him in the first round.
  17. News from the front!   MRAlyon managed to come on top of Jubaris, grabbing a 2-0 score. The percentage difference was tight, especially in the second battle having 46% vs 45%, but the control was in MRAlyon's hands in both encounters, the tight difference was only because of the low amount of rounds.   I've managed to grab some statements:   [spoiler]   We've seen MRAlyon come on top of you, even though I thought you were among favorites, planting a "Jubba the slayer of statless creatures" nickname in the media, can you tell us what happened? *points creepy doll at
  18. Clockie passed Wideberth to secure a first spot in the semi-finals! In the other branch we saw No one overcoming Chewett in a Eastern Lands derby.   So much excitement! Currently, the setting is like this: ------------------------------ Sunfire vs Neno Veliki ----->quarter final pair Rophs ----------------------------------------------------------->semi-finals pair Ungod --------------->quarter final pair: Ungod vs No one Chewett vs No one ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------>grand finale Wideberth --------------->q
  19. First fight was done between Clock Master of Knights of the Bell and Nimrodel of Seal of Six, where Clock Master managed to grab two points by getting regular two wins (without victories or loss count on opponent's side) over tough nut Nimrodel, arriving into quarter finals where Wideberth awaits him.
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