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  1. This is an important issue. I liked several suggestions here, the solution I think, is an amalgam of your propositions:

    - Allow cross mind power fighting

    - Attacking higher mind power big honor benefit

    - Attacking lower mind power huge honor loss (thus encouraging people giving wins to lower MPs) 

    - Cap the heat given in such cross mind power fights (so someone doesn't overflow newbies) 

    - (?) Possibly handicap higher mind power player in stats, token, creature freezes, in a gradual way (mp6 vs mp5 no issues, mp5 vs mp4 smaller issue, mp5 vs mp3 huge issue) 

  2. How did it not depend on other players? After the first few steps, you wait a lot for the next story checkpoints with nothing to do as there are no other mp3s and no people to talk to. I didn't say that you mechanically require players to finish the intro, just that without that part it's not half the product it's supposed to be. 

    At least the island keeps you occupied. Ofc it can and should be continuously improved. Magohi mentioned some shards, I don't know all the details but generally am for simplification and am against forcing newbies on keeping track of useless features. 

  3. Even tho I like your story, I have to disagree with you Mallos, although the old intro was amazing, it can't work in current circumstances because MD doesn't have required ingredients for it anymore. 

    The old intro was dependant on the (awake) presence of other players and LHOs to some extent, which simply are not there anymore, and a new player would have nowhere to interact, except read a lot of story mode chapters (as cool as they are). 

    The Island tries to implement some limited single player stuff, and allows a new player to actually play something. As unfinished as it is, it's still a better option. 

    Once they leave tho we have the same problem, but at least they will obtain some sense of basic MD features until that point. 


    In my view, old intro can only be brought back (modified or not) once the community revives. 

  4. The reason why I like it a lot is mostly for main alliances (such as GotR for LR, Guerrilla for GG, etc.) rather than the guilds which I don't find particularly interesting (but they should definitely be automated). Main allies are closely tied to the land, it doesn't make sense to have a leader based on loyalty stat (which is a nonsensical stat, land loyalty stat is much better) that can kick everybody out (other than the King/Queen, of course, but there are times when the land doesnt have a monarch). Such alliances should last while the land lasts (forever), so it makes sense for those to be automated as well. With some good requirements specific to the nature of the land/alliance to maintain the badge of course. It would be awesome, further increase single player playability of MD, but maybe too much of a fantasy to actually happen

  5. I like the idea of 'automated' path to (some*) alliances. But alliances with that feature shouldn't have 'kick member' option, it should simply be 'if these terms are met, you can maintain the badge'. It would solve many social problems we're having around here and I think it would be in line with MD context. 

    *I would implement that scenario on a case by case basis. Ideally, I would see this for every alliance, but it's hard to project automated terms for most of alliances outside of guilds. For instance, how to automate Seekers of Enlightenment invite, when it was mostly research based alliance in recent times?

    So, implement it for straightforward groups such as resource guilds, and implement it also for other alliances if someone gets an idea that makes perfect sense for his ally. For instance, Knights of the Bell requiring for you to have more MB land loyalty than in other lands + some combat stat requirement + maybe some MB scene visit periodical stat counter, etc.

  6. Nice! You got it right. Although, maybe you should have edited Willow's walk as a cherry on top :D


    Here's another one: napio se ko majka

    Literal translation: got drunk like a mother

    Origin: probably something to do with alcohol as an anesthetic for women in labour 

  7. Wonderful quest! (also, glad to see you becoming more involved Tacitamuta! :) )

    I picture this outside of Wind's Sanctuary. The song is gentle and brings ease to mind, which is why the scene is in Marind Bell, but it also has this feeling of a journey that is starting, like we are going on a road with a mission in mind, that's why the scene is a place outside, open plains and the road ahead of you, which Wind's Sanctuary exterior has.


    However, I'm having a little dilemma. This combination works for me personally, as I'm at home there and the place is very familiar, however, objectively speaking Wind's Sanctuary as a capitol and with the angien traces surrounding it, the place has a certain dramatic aspect to it, perhaps it wouldn't be a 'start of the journey' for everybody else... Counter-argument for the dramatic aspect would be that it is the most easily accessible capitol, and that the others are 'familiar' with it as well.

  8. When you say his direction is known, do you mean like we know he is on route 66 just not where exactly on the route, or that he's heading north-ish, from somewhere unknown whether that be Paris-London or Istanbul-Moscow where we only know he's going up? 

    And is there a limit to thos grass field or is it infinite? 


  9. Yokin, I've got no idea where do you get that text from, I've re-checked every clickable I have active or inactive, and I couldn't find such text.

    What clickie are you getting it from, with what password?

    The closest thing to what you're showing me is this one, which makes me think that somehow you got an old copy of the quest (perhaps you are trying to continue something you played years ago, I have no idea, you tell me):


    <br><br>In Magic Duel you have the possibility to create your own role, your own story for you character, free of all restrictions, only your imagination will limit your creativity.
    Of course, that doesn't mean the others will 'believe' you.
    The key is to be realistic, balanced and faithful to your vision.

    You probably don't have a clear perspective on what's Magic Duel about. Don't worry, you're not the only one, I will try to help in the next steps, but for the start, I wish to introduce you with the tools you can use.

    Every player can get personal papers, that you can fill with whatever you like, descriptions of your character, your beliefs, or just something you wish to share. To obtain those papers, you need to visit the Magic Duel Archives lands. 
    This is a hard journey, it requires a lot of action points to enter MDA lands, so you might better leave it for later, but after a week or so of being in MD, you should be able to get there. (don't forget to use the help of free credits for those action points)

    If you still cannot make it there, people can help you. Kyphis and Darkraptor are leading the MDA community, and can help you get there.
    If the problems continue to appear, contact me personally, and I will see to summon you directly.

    This is what you should do to get there on your own:
    Use the map and find MDA lands. You are searching for Indexed Room of Memories, and here you will find the librarian seated at a desk. Just click on him and claim your papers. You will also see what options you must meet to unlock even more papers in the future. 

    You also have the possibility to choose a mentor, an older player that will guide your steps and help you grow. Choose as a mentor a player willing to answer your questions and who is active and accessible. To take a mentor, click the compass-looking thingie on your right, and then you will get a panel-interface, which is pretty much self-explanatory.

    Just type the name of the player you want and it's done. You can change your mentor any time you want.
    Mentor makes, usually, an important part of player's "growing up" in Magic Duel.
    (edit: Recent changes made a new requirement - to label a mentor you must have at least 100 activity days, you can check those on the top of your screen, next to your playername and ID)

    <b>Now,  back to some hunting.</b>
    Inside the kingdom of Marind Bell, at the great keep that stores wisdom, a wooden sign will be your voice - who is the first king of this kingdom?
    <b>(once you solve this, you will earn your first reward)</b>

    In here I'm asking about the first king of Marind Bell, however, that next stepped is bugged and I can't access that clickie.


    like I said, signpost at sage's keep seems to be bugged as I can't edit it, I think the clickable ID is messed up

    On another note, please answer me through messages as I've originally written you there, so we don't clutter the topic, especially with spoiler-ish infos. :) 


    Until the clickie can get fixed, you can message me your answer of the clickable and I will paste its content from my archive so you can continue on your journey.

    I'm sorry that you ran into difficulties, hopefully the next parts will be of use to you to justify the hardships :) 

  10. There's no further steps at the Marble Dale Park, you got the wrong location.

    However, when I tried to edit the clickable of the location I think you're looking for, I'm getting an error, "illegal action reported, keeping on this path will get you banned. "



    I'm not sure is this a known error, will probably need to open a topic to file a bug report later.

  11. Not officially, but the clickies are still accessible.

    I added a password 'tutorial' for the first step at Marble Dale park signpost clickable so that people can access it without it being on open sight with some of its obsolete infos.

    edit: I'm not sure about the rewards I mentioned in the quest, since I don't have access to those creatures anymore (Tormented souls, Unholy priests), but if people message me with interesting quest entries, I will improvise

  12. 5 hours ago, Syrian said:

    there is currently a bounty up on my screen (1:56gmt) but trying to claim it gets the following the error "Your account email is invalid. Please fix this first by going to your settings page and changing your account email to a valid one." even though i've had my email verified for several years

    Same here

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