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  1. Open letter to that cheeky hellish spawn of the East: this is the last time I get carried away by your coding sugar rushes! From now on I refuse to follow second rate admins, and I'll allow myself to be bribed into activity only by Chewett! 

    How dare you disregard my questions as stupid, you shallow-post-reading Eastern Imp, I spilled sweat and blood for 10 WHOLE minutes! :D

  2. When such events begin they are always announced in the announcements log, so keep attention!
  3. There's a place in Golemus Golemicarum where they can be recruited, but the location is locked at the moment. Usually, people receive them as rewards from quests or events.
  4. By sacrificing creatures (some are better than others) at the altar. The more wins they have, higher the stats. If they have tokens or creature shards, your stat reward is multiplied. You can also increase stats by spending credits in the Shop, when you buy stats modifiers.
  5. I hear there are many festivals which sound like the peak of activity in MD. What are they all about?
  6. Every medal signifies some accomplishment, and they are mostly distributed manually. So, you need to achieve medal prerequisites for an admin to consider whether he should give you a medal or not. Most often, medals are received during the birthday festival.
  7. You can spend them in the shop, or in rare special auction events that admins organize. Click the shop and you'll see how its divided in subsections.
  8. Ask admins to invite you. A25 players have access to features that allow creating complex quests, features that allow changing parts of the game basically. It's part of the plan to encourage player creativity and make MD grow on its own
  9. Seems like a waste of time, why collect something that seems unusable?
  10. This seems like a dangerous world, I saw players getting 'killed'. In what ways can other players hurt one another?
  11. I see there were kings. How does one become a monarch of any land?
  12. I'm a programmer/code enthusiast, how can I join the dev team?
  13. I want to add new avatars and clickable artworks, where do I send them?
  14. As the title says, what are the win requirements of MagicDuel?
  15. That reminds me of this old post of mine:
  16. I'm not that active in game, but I read the forum when I can and I like to ponder upon any improvements, especially in something as important as defining first steps of new players. I'd like to be able to join in the discussions regarding new LHOs, so I'm applying too!
  17. My first forum interaction was in February 2009 responding to Sagewoman's wall posting where she demanded I update my profile And then I responded to Gargant's topic which asked people how did players get their username, after which I immediately started posting on 'new ideas' for MD (kinda funny, didn't start to grow roots yet but I'm sharing how I got my name and how can the game get better )
  18. Jubaris

    Hollywood, baby

    You're right, there's a big difference. Though I'm not convinced the blatant copying you mention is that all-encompassing and mainstream, some of the specific pieces you mentioned seemed more inspired by rather than copied (samurai jack for instance), but maybe I'm wrong. Just to clarify, I'm not defending Hollywood, I just like try to add more perspectives to the table: so what if we have copied movies? If we are not aware of the original, in our perspective we are seeing something new? If people weren't seeing them as new they wouldn't watch and such movies wouldn't b
  19. Jubaris

    Hollywood, baby

    Even when you look at 'the original', there's a good chance it's a retelling as well. I mean look at The Bible/Christianity. Revolutionary religion that swallowed a big chunk of the known world, but its concepts were all already present in other religions. It's how stuff always worked, as Newton said we are dwarves standing on the shoulders of giants, or standing on the shoulders of dwarves which are standing on the shoulders of other dwarves... (pardon my poor rephrasing, maybe Newton said it somehow differently)
  20. Jubaris

    Hollywood, baby

    In regards to Hollywood, I think it got a bit weaker with all of these streaming services. I mean, Netflix is spending money on shows left and right, which brings money to new antipattern stuff, now is the best chance to break Hollywood's domination. When it comes to Japanese influence, I think it's a crime not to mention The Power Rangers! But seriously, like others said, you always take inspiration from somewhere. In case of movies, a bunch of them were copied, some from Japan, some from other countries (a lot of European movies, anywhere where you can find quality material that
  21. As far as I remember skillvampire aura makes a sum of opponents creatures stats (influence and tokens included) and redistributes a percentage of it to your creatures evenly, depending on the difference to your stats. Soulweaver additionally deduces that same amount from enemy's creatures. With this shard, you wouldnt calculate percentages but just swap them entirely. I'm not sure did I answer your question or just repeat my original post
  22. How about this mayheem: nosferatu, upgrades vampiric aura to 100% (swaps stats entirely)
  23. There might be creatures that have some shade of purple (at least in my male simplistic eyes) like the pimped grassan and the 14th anniv hollow. Or are those shades of pink
  24. Some of these are very nice, but at the same time it will get so hard to keep track of all the abilities going around But to suggest something rather than only prattle: toxicblades - Toxic Blades, attacked creatures are paralyzed (frozen) for 1 round. (appliable only to melee weapon attacks? or to arrow attacks too? seems too OP at the moment, but maybe you'll use it somehow) (something similar) ensnare - Ensnare, neutralizes winged supremacy effect for targeted creature for 1 round
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