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  1. It's interesting how in the announcements, before, when someone wanted to post there and it wasn't Mur, the announcements were signed by those people (rendril, etc.). Now Mur is the one who is signing his posts.

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    2. Jubaris


      Okie, Hephaestus :P
      We went a bit too far with conclusions, this post wasn't targeted against the admin system.
      I'm just stating a peculiar thing how a few signatures change atmosphere - not necessarily for the worse, but it's just different. :)

    3. Jubaris


      You can get a feel that we have a new 'Mur', rather than dedicated people that are maintaining our MD life :)

    4. Maebius


      nah, we have Mur's roadies in hte band! He's still the lead singer.
      But I see your point, words have power, and a lac kof letters changes things slightly.

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