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  1. We were the prisoners of our own fantasy...

  2. on last thing on this trials what would judges base upon to give a verdict who would decide what crime is to become before a judge and wich isn't we do not have a law or anything like that... and if judge and jury can descide... well people put in power are easily corupt and emotions arn't a good advisor but both will happen... there was enough comotion about the 'attack' on the gates of the necro what would happen if this was the case every day over a judge sending one to jail... it would destroy MD Mankind needs structure power and coruption to survive we are making the same mist
  3. I don't like the idea MD is a real world in wich you can only talk when you are in the same place (there are no mobile phones there ) and talking during going to another level is in my opinion not an option too its like growing older storymode for MP3: its like being a baby they cant talk storymode for mp4: a youngster that is growing in the world but doesnt like to talk about it and going mp5 well that is just getting old and people realy don't want to talk about getting older... thats a bit the charm of the game only able to talk in location and for the storymode you have a cho
  4. Well I know how frustrating it is whan you fight someone with a bunch of drachs but normaly those who have it are vets in the game and you know that you can expect it... I guess when you been around for a while you know who has a bunch of drachs you can avoid fighting them or simply ask they change their rit and a normal player wouldn't or shouldn't use al his drachs in an offensive rit (thats my opinion) if you are good enough to get a drach it means you understand the system a bit and still can win your fights without using al drachs... but besides that once you grow a bit in the ga
  5. We'll see who looks lovely when you hang upside down from the christmasstree ;)

  6. You looked so lovely as a tarted up Christmas tree!

  7. My opinion on the war... it was about to come for quite a while now but I think its the wrong way to atain your goals with attacking LR, I guess you'll unite the "ununited" part by attacking their Homeland they will find eachother and folow a leader willing to lead the to victory Big chance this leader will be Raven and if so the purpose of this war faills entierly I have seen Raven in good and bad days i know I don't know the reasons for this all but nor will the victims is starting a war between two lands is this realy the solution? and how long will GG go on what if Raven do
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