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    balanced living, nature, meditation, read, cook, knit, hike, tarot, Wicca, shamanism, Christian mysticism, salsa dancing
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  1. OMG! No one has left any comments for you! Tsk Tsk. So without further adue..

    comment, comment, comment, comment

  2. [quote name='MRD' post='29569' date='Apr 28 2009, 08:58 AM']ps. I plan to buy pample, you all can TRY and bid against me but in the end i will win her [/quote] I wish I can bid against you to prevent you from winning Pample - my by loved leader, but my force is still weak and cash is low (none). :cray:
  3. [quote name='Metal Bunny' post='29579' date='Apr 28 2009, 04:41 PM'].Metal Bunny. Male Services include a lot of things. But if treated very badly, this bunny will bite back and escape. Services do not include; the Bunny Empire, tiny people or the BM. Will be a slave for 3 days.[/quote] Oh, you better believe him. I've been bitten by a bunny in RL. I still have a mark on my arm... :spiteful:
  4. I'm leaning more against resetting. Is it really absolutely no other way around it? Are there that many complaints from active players that are so serious and unfixable that call for a reset? Resetting sounds like some mad idealists wanting to destroy the world in order to start fresh. I think I made some bad choices that I now regret, but I think part of the growing is learning to accept and make the best out of whatever I have. Over time, things are getting better. It takes time and efforts. Also, the mistakes do really teach me to be better in the long run. What I learn will help
  5. [quote name='dst' post='27745' date='Mar 26 2009, 10:09 AM']Get yourself a protector (mp6 player or mp7) and then you will have an option (when you click the daily progress compass) to give heat (it's called pray if i remember correctly).[/quote] Thanks!
  6. [quote name='dst' post='21930' date='Dec 13 2008, 07:47 AM']That's correct: we sacced the heat for loyalty cause that was the point after all...getting loyalty [/quote] How does this work?
  7. I'm sorry you had a bad experience with Wicca, Treehill. I was raised Christian. I don't like most people at Church. I can't really call myself Wiccan, since I'm still new to it. I have no interests in joining a coven or anything to that effect. I just recently renewed my interest in spiritual matters, so I rather consider myself spiritual not religious. I'm also learning about shamanism and just started practicing meditation and tarot. I found there're a lot of similarities between them, at least conceptually, in a way. I agree with you. I don't think tarot is part of Wicca. It just so ha
  8. [quote name='dst' post='26598' date='Mar 7 2009, 06:44 PM']Incorrect. You get a certain amount for 1 stat (something like 0.xxxx or around that) then depending on the meditation time that 0.xxxx is increased by 10%, 20% etc. You will definitely not get a boost that high. There are even mp5s that don't have that amount of regen. ps: if I am wrong in my calculations someone correct me (this is what I remember from a loong looong time when i went through the story mode)[/quote] Okay. So do you mean the 90% is applied to the "changes" of the skills, not directly to the skills shown in my
  9. [quote name='dst' post='26594' date='Mar 7 2009, 06:31 PM']One question: how did you come up with that number? I mean 188? Why 4*1.9^6?[/quote] Each of the skills increases by 90% each time a 24-hour-meditation is over, so for my regeneration skill: the first time, 4+4*0.9 = 4*1.9 = 7.60 the second time, 7.60*1.9 = 14.44 the third time, 14.44*1.9 = 27.44 the fourth time, 27.44*1.9 = 52.13 the fifth time, 52.13*1.9 = 99.04 the sixth time, 99.04*1.9 = 188.18 Did I misunderstand what it means by "skills bonus 90%?"
  10. I just advanced to MP4. When I was MP3, I selected the 24-hour-meditation every chance I got. (I might have missed one or two by mistakes. Anyway, I did at least 6 of them.) I noticed my skills points were never increased as a result of the meditations. Back then, I didn't know to utilize the forum for my issues. Instead I PM the LHO. It's been weeks now, and I'm now MP4. The problem is still not fixed. Doing the math, my regeneration skill alone would have been about 188 ( = 4*1.9[sup]6[/sup] ). (It was a 4 because I got a permanent booster or two at the MD Shop.) That's a big difference
  11. [quote name='I am Bored' post='26588' date='Mar 7 2009, 05:11 PM']why are the principle selections apearing where the dna page should? have you tried this solution? [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com//index.php?showtopic=3283&st=0&p=25724&#entry25724"]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com//index.php?showtopic=3283[/url][/quote] Thanks. Yes, I had the exact same problem before, and using [b]Tab[/b] worked. But in this case, I don't remember if I tried using [b]Tab[/b], but I remember nothing showed anywhere clicked in the page. That page also gone "dimmed."
  12. This is cool. I like it! Thanks! I think it might be more descriptive if you list Shamanism instead of Native American Spirituality. Kind of like listing Christianity instead of listing all the branches. Also, please consider listing Paganism to include all the earth-based religions. [quote name='Sage' post='26576' date='Mar 7 2009, 03:31 PM']Well, you have a Totally wrong image at Wicca... We don't turm pple in frogs... or something... The most important things are that whatever you do, don't hurt other pple... Also Nature is importans, and that everything in this world has a bit
  13. I remember when I first started to play the game, I feel very disoriented. No worries! MD is full of nice people. Glad you didn't give up, and welcome on board! Please note there's a row of icons on the left (lined up vertically). Clicking on the scroll (the first icon from top) takes you to story mode. Clicking on the compass (the second one) takes you to free roam mode. Switching pages might help, and you might find something new to do! If you're stuck in story mode, try [b]Tab[/b] in the story. Also try: 1) [b]Ctrl+Shift+Delete[/b] to clear cache 2) press [b]F5[/b] to refresh
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