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    outer space
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    Like I should have know what my interests are....well to think of it...
    1. girls
    2. devils music
    3. piercings
    4. drawing
    5. industrial music
    6. imaginary things
    7. MD
    and other things witch I cant remember or I am to drunk ^^
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  1. I forgot what I wanted to say.

  2. frostas Im in game usually from 14:00-03:00 in server time
  3. frostas

    New HC

    well this is good it will make a bit more equal for all players
  4. what would be if you didn't even realized that you are already dead... like accidentally hot hit by overpowered lightning, or die sleeping... I would like to die unnaturally... consumed by fetish girls or die in plane crash something painful
  5. *smiles and pokes back*

  6. *smiles and bows* hi!

    also pokes in the back ^.^

  7. *smiles and waves* Hello!

  8. I remember then I thinked that jazira was a boy... funny times active you are... like a 10000 bees
  9. I saw that Im already trainee to be LHO and Dojo staff so no works extra I think for me... maybe later, but what I most now want is to research beautiful MD's sky and atars at night :lol:
  10. hello.... well Im not new in here but newer ever posted anything so now I think Ill start with HELLO and intrduction.... I'm frostas.... proud member of Guerrilla Golemicarum alliance... :good: hmmmm.... now I dont know what to say more.... well I think I will go and lay down on beach and watch the stars
  11. well today I voted and I only got VE but no VP so I sugest just to be sure, try to find a problem, if there is a one
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