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  1. Welcome to MagicDuel. I hope to see you around the realm sometime
  2. Take care and hurry back to us =)
  3. Welcome to MagicDuel I hope to see you in the Realm some time =)
  4. Personally, I wouldn't mind voting everyday even without all the boosts and credits given for them. Perhaps you could have two pages - each with the same number of links, but one page would give the boosts and credits, and the other page would be for those who just want to vote. Of course, that would be mean very few would use the latter page, but I'm sure some would. As someone mentioned before, (s)he thought it pointless to vote for a few insignificant (?) stat boosts, but my point is : why not vote for MD so we can bring more people in? That in itself should be reward enough.
  5. Welcome to the Realm! I hope to see you in person soon =)
  6. *sighs* So much to do...

  7. Good luck, Lupus! ^_^

  8. Jazira


    Alright. That is fine =) Thank you for letting me know
  9. Jazira


    I will list the Initiates here, and keep it updated weekly. - Keida - Throm McLeod - Crepuscular Azan - Minotous - WHIsper - ElementalSage - The Great Pashweetie
  10. Jazira


    This is where the members can keep a check on what they should be doing : 1) Find a training partner or form a training group. The people within this group (or your partner) does not have to be a member of the Savelites. Try to work with other members of the Loreroot alliances or Loreroot citizens. Other alliances and lands (or lack of) are fine as well. 2) Work on your part of the Sermons each month. Your part would consist of anything related to what you do within the alliance. This is just a simple guideline to help you get started : - Paladins should perhaps contain someth
  11. Jazira


    We are currently looking for new Initiates who are interested in joining the Alliance. Please contact me either in game or on the Forums (via mail) if you are interested. Initiates will be required to do several things before being raised to a member of the Church. 1) They must seek out 5 people, who will in turn ask them a question which must be answered by the Initiate. Once the Initiate answers correctly, their player log will be marked as such. (simply saying they answered correctly or something similar). I will send a message containing those five names to each initiate personally.
  12. As I said, it was simply an opinion.
  13. To be clear, I didn't vote for alts to get the WPs. Gaining WPs for days would allow more people to come up with quests as wishpoints for their rewards instead of RP items, like my quests did. If I had the chance to give a wp as a reward for a quest I came up with, then I would gladly come up with a new quest for it. I agree, it may not do much for those who aren't active or who are new to the realm, but for others who are active each week, even if only for a day or two, it could do some good.
  14. Some may not have much time to stay online to complete quests, but are active many days of the week. I see this as a way to complete an achievement as Mur said. It can be seen as a reward to being loyal to MD, or as a trophy of sorts. As for the inflation of wishpoints, it could be a good thing since it will promote more WP quests and more people trying to complete them as there could be more possible WP winners. Just my own opinion, however. (If there was a similar post to this, ignore this one )
  15. =) Alright. I hope it runs long enough for me to find them all
  16. Ash / Snake Very accurate... I really wish other people *cough family cough* would understand that I"m not reclusive
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