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  1. *sighs* So much to do...

  2. Good luck, Lupus! ^_^

  3. As I said, it was simply an opinion.
  4. To be clear, I didn't vote for alts to get the WPs. Gaining WPs for days would allow more people to come up with quests as wishpoints for their rewards instead of RP items, like my quests did. If I had the chance to give a wp as a reward for a quest I came up with, then I would gladly come up with a new quest for it. I agree, it may not do much for those who aren't active or who are new to the realm, but for others who are active each week, even if only for a day or two, it could do some good.
  5. Some may not have much time to stay online to complete quests, but are active many days of the week. I see this as a way to complete an achievement as Mur said. It can be seen as a reward to being loyal to MD, or as a trophy of sorts. As for the inflation of wishpoints, it could be a good thing since it will promote more WP quests and more people trying to complete them as there could be more possible WP winners. Just my own opinion, however. (If there was a similar post to this, ignore this one )
  6. Ah, I remember why I created the new character. I am stuck in Story Mode and can't go any further XD So, I decided to try new directions in the Story ^_^

  7. Thanks. Not back for good, though. At least I don't think I am. *hugs*

  8. *grins and stalks as he walks off*

  9. Gah! *ducks before he lands on her, then turns and pounces on him*

  10. is currently catching up on everything : college, RPs, MD...

  11. *laughs* Then war it will be! *pounces again* ^_^

  12. *falls over from pounce. Glares then pushes you off and pounces on you* ^_^

  13. I'm doing alright, actually ^_^ Aside from the fact that I'm longer able to be in the Realm of Magic Duel, of course.

  14. Please limit your posts to ONE. I have asked this in the first and third post here, to EDIT your post to include any new offenders. Please do not continue to post un-needed things here. Thank you.
  15. I'd like to try a pineapple pastry please
  16. *pounces* ^_^ First comment!

    Welcome to MagicDuel ^_^

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