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  1. *sighs* So much to do...

  2. Good luck, Lupus! ^_^

  3. Ah, I remember why I created the new character. I am stuck in Story Mode and can't go any further XD So, I decided to try new directions in the Story ^_^

  4. Thanks. Not back for good, though. At least I don't think I am. *hugs*

  5. *grins and stalks as he walks off*

  6. Gah! *ducks before he lands on her, then turns and pounces on him*

  7. is currently catching up on everything : college, RPs, MD...

  8. *laughs* Then war it will be! *pounces again* ^_^

  9. *falls over from pounce. Glares then pushes you off and pounces on you* ^_^

  10. I'm doing alright, actually ^_^ Aside from the fact that I'm longer able to be in the Realm of Magic Duel, of course.

  11. *pounces* ^_^ First comment!

    Welcome to MagicDuel ^_^

  12. *pounces on the Garg* Hehe ^_^

  13. *pounces on Intrigue* Gah. Cant believe you got in the first pounce...AGAIN!!!


  14. Muffins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Are they Blueberry? Blueberry is my favorite ^_^

    Oh...Hi *grins*

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