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  1. I wish you luck on recruiting more people for the savelites ;)

  2. Welcome to MagicDuel. I hope to see you around the realm sometime
  3. Take care and hurry back to us =)
  4. Welcome to MagicDuel I hope to see you in the Realm some time =)
  5. Personally, I wouldn't mind voting everyday even without all the boosts and credits given for them. Perhaps you could have two pages - each with the same number of links, but one page would give the boosts and credits, and the other page would be for those who just want to vote. Of course, that would be mean very few would use the latter page, but I'm sure some would. As someone mentioned before, (s)he thought it pointless to vote for a few insignificant (?) stat boosts, but my point is : why not vote for MD so we can bring more people in? That in itself should be reward enough.
  6. Welcome to the Realm! I hope to see you in person soon =)
  7. *sighs* So much to do...

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