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  1. Maybe you should look [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/4775-suspicious-link/page__view__findpost__p__38319__fromsearch__1"]here[/url]. Are you not the one who is always telling others that they should search the forums for questions that have already been answered?
  2. [quote name='Calyx of Isis' date='07 March 2009 - 06:24 PM' timestamp='1236464669' post='26628'] We will most definitely be moving to a new location. I had hoped the new location would be close to the current one, but this is not happening. The dojo is moving to a location being made East of the Plains of Deceit. This is No Man's Land squeezed in between Marind's Bell on the North and Necrovion on the South. There will be a single entrance to the dojo. There will be a way to ban players from the dojo. They will simply be unable to enter the dojo for some period of time. I do not know how th
  3. [quote name='Udgard' post='33095' date='Jun 9 2009, 08:14 AM']By the way, would you mind confirming whether you have another account then? =D[/quote] I will neither confirm nor deny.
  4. [quote name='awiiya' post='33051' date='Jun 8 2009, 02:51 PM']Your first posts are about Khalazdad, and clearly you know something about him when you formed your arguments of why you should not support him, calling him for instance "Rajj."[/quote] Your research, while commendable, is faulty. My first forum posts about Khalazdad were in support of him; those I posted about Renavoid, however, were not. I suppose I took Udgard's word literally: I believed he was referring to an account here, on the forums. Either way, I will continue to watch all that occurs in the world and speak my mind
  5. [quote name='Udgard' post='33015' date='Jun 8 2009, 10:51 AM']Nah, was just under the impression that this is not your main account (although after searching old posts, I realize I just mistook your for a few someone elses O_o ), and thus probably has a different b'day than your other account, which might have your probably real birthday as its birthday. Maybe =D But there would be no other day more suitable for congratulating you, so happy birthday anyways =)[/quote] What makes you believe I have another account? Do you not think that this could be my only one?
  6. [quote name='Udgard' post='33008' date='Jun 8 2009, 08:17 AM']You mean, keep watching? =D Anyways, I am not even sure that this is his/her real birthday, but congrats anyways =D[/quote] What would lead you to such a conclusion?
  7. [quote name='Burns' post='32956' date='Jun 7 2009, 04:19 PM']...and keep your eyes open [/quote] I could do nothing less.
  8. [quote name='chrispr' post='32036' date='May 22 2009, 04:36 PM']i would like to join your alliance[/quote] Is this not the [i]third[/i] time you have mentioned you wished to join an alliance?
  9. Consider finding others in the game who are both familiar with the game and your native language. Alternately, look for those who have patience to explain something in detail, possibly several times, to make sure you understand any concept you are having difficulty with. Riddles can be problematic, as it is possible to 'lose something in translation.'
  10. It is clear that I do not need my "reading comprehension improved," as I understood exactly what it was you were rambling about. However, it is apparent that you need to learn what you are talking about before you spout off a pointless rant. I was simply noting that your incoherent tirade was unnecessary: when one solves the puzzle, a message appears stating exactly what needs to be done to receive a reward. A sign or a note or anything else is not needed. So, when you say: [quote name='Harion' post='29312' date='Apr 23 2009, 05:57 PM']good lord, good thing i came here so i know next tim
  11. Harion, it is clear you have not solved the Broken Pattern Gazebo puzzle. Otherwise, you would know that your protestations about 'not knowing you solved it' are completely baseless.
  12. No, awiiya, the definition of "right" has nothing to do with whether it is one solution to any given problem. There are many ways for a poor man to obtain money. There are many ways a leader can inspire his troops. However, not all of the answers are "right" just because they lead to the desired end. Some solutions are still "wrong" even if they accomplish the same goal as the right ones. Also, what makes you believe that the cube is "simple"? Because you believe it to be so? If the Shade Sentinel [u]is[/u] contained, does that change the "complexity" of the cube?
  13. On the contrary, humans are one of the most gullible species in existence. They 'need to see something to believe it'? You could not be more wrong. All a human needs is the [b]suggestion[/b] that something [i]might be[/i] working and they will fill in the blanks as they desire, jumping to all the conclusions they wish to see. All that is needed is a charismatic leader to begin telling everyone what they want to hear and the humans will be all to happy to fall in line. Of course, there are those who do require more than just suggestions and chicanery to believe in something. However, t
  14. First off, could either Rhaegar Targaryen or tankfans explain to me, or to anyone for that matter, what the point of the Savelite Church alliance was? You both protest so much about it having been taken over and disbanded, yet you say nothing about why you feel that way. Is it simply because it was 'your alliance' and is no longer? Do you know the history of its founder? Do you know what he wanted? Can you tell anyone anything about this alliance [i]other[/i] than the fact that it was based in Loreroot and has been considered by many to be completely pointless? You want to do something wit
  15. What I find most interesting about those who have posted and who choose to whine and complain about a possible game reset are those who have the weakest roles – if they have any, indeed – and poorest role-playing ability. I will take a moment to remind everyone that this is a [i]role-playing[/i] game. It seems that some have forgotten that, if they ever even knew. The point of this world is [b]not[/b] to have the highest attack and defense values, the largest, nastiest creatures, nor to have innumerable alternate accounts to use to circumvent the system in order to gain spell-casting capab
  16. The maintenance and upkeep of your creatures is not, and should not necessarily be, an easy task.
  17. Burns, you should critically evaluate [i]any[/i] source before you claim it to be "quite good." You spoke with someone who was accused of cheating by not only other players, but by King Manu himself, and asked him how he won a contest where everyone else [i]except[/i] him and MRV -- who was also accused of cheating by none other than King Manu himself -- has been allowed to participate again because, as far as anyone knows, they did [b]not[/b] cheat (though, of course, that is up to debate, as well.) Believing anything that comes from Lightsage concerning his alleged cheating and abuse of
  18. And what leads you to believe that images like that would not be acceptable?
  19. You are incorrect, Liberty4life, there are several cases where tags and descriptions were purchased from the now-closed wishpoint shop. As for other tags and descriptions, most are earned through consistent and quality roleplaying.
  20. Two who presume to speak for entire lands? What hubris...
  21. Consult the announcement history to answer your questions.
  22. The entrance has been sealed, with the possibility of it reopening at a later date.
  23. The fact of the matter is, is that there are the [i]haves[/i] and the [i]have-nots[/i]. That is the way it is for both this world and the other that we inhabit. There are those who have the resources to do as they please and purchase what they wish. It is a simple, and some would say unfortunate, fact that is unlikely to change any time soon. As has been pointed out, the addition and placement of this premium creature within the shop has allowed us all to continue to exist in this world. I am thankful for that, as I am sure we all are. I cannot begrudge those who have attained this crea
  24. Awiiya, I must cast some doubt on the premise which you base your suggestion. From observing the happenings within the Dojo, those who violate it seldom, if ever, choose to speak. I find it difficult to believe that one whose sole desire is the continual violation the Dojo for easy wins - for what other reason is there for such behavior? - ever wishes to stay within it to have a conversation of any great significance. While the idea is sound and worthy of investigation, I must also question how much work would have to go into choosing who would be tagged as a violator and then tagged again
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