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    Parsifal reacted to Udgard in Wish Shop   
    Well, the original 'wishpoint' was based on, IIRC, the first broken pattern gazeebo contest. There, people DO get a wish granted, but there were no points system in place yet. Winners simply get a wish. Then Morgana's first quest gave out the first wishpoint, because the rewards was supposed to be quite special. After that, however, the value of wishpoints plummetted quite a bit with some easy quests floating around (and even worse, some RPCs that offered WPs in exchange for getting them adepts, I won't name any, but it did happen). Although WP distribution has been better organized right now, there is still too many WPs floating around to let each people ask for a wish for a single WP. Right now there should be a total of more than 100 WP distributed among the players. Imagine how much work it would take if every wish needs to be examined. However, if anyone has a 'wish' they want to ask to Mur, and they have a lot of wish points, I'm sure that those wish points will be put into consideration by Mur when examining your wish(es). I just don't think that it is time for a system (either manual or automated) specifically designed to examine all wish requests is suitable at this time.
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    Parsifal reacted to Kafuuka in Is Md Too Exclusive To Entice A Larger Player Base Than Hard Cores?   
    [quote name='Fenrir Greycloth' date='18 July 2009 - 05:32 PM' timestamp='1247931150' post='37405']
    Something does need to change with these quests. I had a quest that was completed by three people on my hate page. The quest was to write me an essay on the behavioral patterns of knators, or the social hierarchy of the knators. Perhaps this quest was to hard for most people or noone knew about it. I think that more people should have the ability to makes quests, not reward them, but to have a quest page. In order to get the quest activated the player needs to get the quest approved by an rpc. This will allow many more quests, and a way to control the quality that comes from them.
    There are a lot of quests that few people know about. Every now and then I 'hunt' for quests to do and read hatelists and quest pages to see if there's anything new, but I never noticed yours. It would be a bit easier if everybody got a quest paper and it would finally allow me to stop using the hate paper for quests. I do not think there should be a manual verification of who gets the paper and who doesn't. If there is a need for distinction, it can easily be done by changing the color of the quest paper icon. There's brown and gold icons and it should be possible to code that non RPCs get a brown quest document icon and RPCs get a gold one. And if for some reason you need more levels, silver seems like a logical third color.

    In the past there were attempts at listing all available quests on the forum, but it doesn't seem to work. Perhaps this should be automated as well. If everybody has a quest paper, it should be possible to keep a log of when that page was last edited and make that list available somewhere in the game. Of course there should be an option to make small edits would getting to the top of the list, but that is but a matter of making a check box for small/big edits. Maybe an option to have a comment next to the edit date too, svn style.

    [quote name='Harion' date='19 July 2009 - 09:29 AM' timestamp='1247988577' post='37456']
    yes! 15 players that will be sought after! 15 players that may make or break the quest. that's exactly what I'm talking about. too much power given out to players that could make or break the game. hey, this 15 people can do ask anything they want from other players just to grant knowledge of those letters. seriously, can i play this game without being ultimate slaves to other players? like what do i need to do to get that quest?
    There are nice and power crazy people, good and bad quests. It is your choice to try a quest or to ignore it. Of course it is annoying to be unable to even begin a quest, but this will happen to other people too. A lot of quests reward the first player to solve it. Sometimes they get solved before you are online to read the description... You can still solve it for fun, without the reward. Perhaps you can laugh at the 'chosen' people when they are having a hard time. eg Marvolo's current quest is a very nice game theory experiment.

    [quote name='Burns' date='19 July 2009 - 10:32 AM' timestamp='1247992330' post='37459']
    there is no goal, there is no high-score, there is no 'end of game' you can reach...

    and personally, i don't see where hardcoded ladder-quests would take the game to, now it's never ending, but what happens if you are on top of the ladder-thingie? 'Congrats, you beat the game and wasted 267 days of your life!'?
    or do you then go on with the RPC-quests until you beat them all?
    I think the use of more ladder-quests is to keep people occupied long enough for them to understand that there is no goal. How many games are there that don't have a goal? The only ones that come to mind are dwarf fortress and all the sim and tycoon things. It can take a bit of time to adapt.

    PS dwarf fortress is cool, but even though the ascii art is outdated it still manages to slow down on a dual core once you get a decent amount of livestock
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    Parsifal reacted to Kafuuka in Wish Shop   
    My main concern is that wishes should be unique, while the wish shop makes them generic. To actually make an unique wish should cost any number of wish points greater than zero. Some wishes are small, some wishes are big, some are impossible. The way I would design it, there could be four possible outcomes such a gamble:
    1. Your wish is granted.
    2. Your wish is conditionally granted: you get a vague description of what you must do and upon meeting the requirements it gets granted. This might include sacrificing more wish points.
    3. Your wish is ignored. (you do get notified of this though)
    4. Your wish is interpreted wrong and you now live with the consequences... if you are still alive that is.

    The more you ask for in your wish, the more likely you end up with a bad effect. Personally I would also reward originality. Also it seems like so much fun to think of wrong interpretations and considering who will get to have this fun, this makes an excellent persuasion to implement it. I don't think it will take that much time to review, since this feature is not going to be used daily. There are not that many wish points given yet, a lot are probably already used and how many people would take the risks? You could loose more than just a wish point.
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    Parsifal reacted to awiiya in Is Md Too Exclusive To Entice A Larger Player Base Than Hard Cores?   
    In some ways, I agree with you. I have often felt like the power has gone to the wrong people, and that those people have done nothing with it. Some seriously awesome abilities have gone to waste because the RPC shortly after went inactive. Simplyzero, RJ, Alche, phrog, Wodin, and others... no offense if you read this, but the fact is that they are not active, and their powers are not given to others. I think that is somewhat wrong. Yes we are each unique, but there can be some recycling.

    I think you overdo it on the "exclusive" part. I think MD is exclusive only because it takes a smart person to play this game. Well, play this game and succeed, I should say. The veterans that I know (because to some degree I consider myself a veteran) are all intelligent people, and have earned their place in this game.

    Yes, I think there is a lot of potential in MD, and a lot of it is not being realized. Quests have stagnated in the past few months, and that makes me sad. Yes RPCs are inactive, as are PWRs. No offense is meant to the following people, however where is Kragel? Where did Oeufs go? What about Calyx of Isis, and on the topic of her, the university? Bootes? Gargant will put up a quest or two every once in a while. Where did Jonn run away to? What about SubZero? Mur and MD put a lot of power in the hands of these people, who then usually turn around and leave, or abuse it outright. Why is it that a good, active RPC who moves the storyline of the game forward is an exception and not a majority?

    Difficult questions without easy answers.

    In other ways, I love MD, and will not leave for a good time to come. There is room for change, like there always will be, although lately I have been thinking this room is becoming more of a Great Hall of Sun (har har har, bad MD pun).

    Thank you for pointing this out. MD is hard to play, I know from first-hand experience. If you want or need MD to ever be friendlier, drop me a line, and I'll see what I can do.

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    Parsifal reacted to Muratus del Mur in Is Md Too Exclusive To Entice A Larger Player Base Than Hard Cores?   
    That was my problem since the beginning of MD and still is ... the choice if to make ti more commercial and get BIG or to keep it exclusive and special. Regarded as a business, i could use my 'skills' to make it into a very popular game with high audience and make it so that 80% of the gamers will get addcted to it ... because thats what you do actualy in other games, not like, but get addicted to. For example WOW (i have something personal against the way it was built) is designed to target the highest percentage possible (around 80%).

    Since i do not consider MD a business, i will keep it as i feel right with it, exclusive as you call it. The problem is that without many players, the old ones or the ones that the game was made for so to say, will also leave...so we need sacrifice lambs. The game has several filters to kill off players at certain points , the ultimate filter is when you make a difference between the game itself and its community, the moment when you consider yourself an active player even if all you do is to stay on the forum or chat with others, becaues the most valuable thing in MD are its players, not its features.

    I worked to much on elitist features, even now for example, i am working on the Black Letters, a series of 15 letters that will be sent out to 15 players ... now imagine how elitist is that if not even all rpcs get those.

    Its wrong, true.. but i do it because i enjoy it and the reason you have MD and enjoy it is because i did only the things i enjoyed to do, so i can not make promises that things will get less elitist around here, even if i realise i should make it more easy at the beginning with the regular npc grinding and hardcoded ladder quests ... like any other old fashioned rpg.

    There is an other thing you are right about, and if i think better about it , i think solving it it might also solve the first issue too or at least partialy solve it. The powers given to rpcs are lost when those rpcs leave. Thats why i think the wish shop is an essential element in MD because i will put there features that will be rpc-like but achievable by anyone.

    All games i played grow in only one direction .. "serial" ... but .. i had a dream before starting MD..to have a "game" grow also in "parallel". For example you read a book, that story grows serial, only in one direction, but what if a book had 1000 versions or branches to it..

    People enjoy serial growing of stories and game, they enjoy to gain more and more stats and get deeper in their adventure, even if they realise their adventure has only one way of expanding. Even if you have options to pick skill branches or guilds, its still serial evolution. This type of evolution makes money, all business do it, but its no true adventure behind it. I like adventures that give you total freedom but freedom is not free you have to work for it. RPC are more free than a new player, freedom, of choice, of action, this is the trade. There are two ways to be tottaly free, either tottaly smart or tottaly ignorant , ignorant people are "free" to leave.
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    Parsifal reacted to Muratus del Mur in What are the creatures that fight for you?   
    I write this as a reply to this topic:
    want to hear the spooky explanation to the "pets" that are not actualy "pets" in magicduel? ...little kids cover your years ...
    The creatures you can recruit, are not real creatures, as you can notice, there is no part in the game where you are told you hold your creatures somwhere in your pocket or something. The story will bring you throu all kinds of adventures but there are no creatures following you allover the place ...they are not even in a spellbook or similar. Most of you wont even ask themselves about this because its normal in games to have creatures that fight for you. I want to give a short explanation about those creatures so that the whole thing gets a bit out of the 'standard' scenario of game creatures.
    The first time you recruit a creature, you see the character summon a creature , in the drawing the creature looks like taking shape out of the character itself ...well yes, this is what it does... the creatures are representations of the players will. Its dificult for me to explain it, as i am not so good with words , especialy in a forein language, but i will try.
    You might know the difference between hand-magic and mind-magic ..like ...one is when you use some device such as a wand and one is when you use only your mind .... of course , magic is a delicate subject so consider this just a theoretical example ... The creatures are like representations of how yourself are in certain moments or situations. The more skilled you are and the more deeper you understand the world you live in, in this case the magicduel world, the more types of creatures you are able to controll. Once you learn and controll one of the creatures, you will be able to upgrade it to a more advanced level, like it happens with a skill in realworld, the more you use it the better it gets.
    The creatures in magicduel are not spells, they are also not quite summoned creatures also, but there is no other representation that could be easy to understand.
    Some of you might understand what i am trying to say , some not. There are "combats" everytime in your life, from a real fight to speach fight on the phone ... in all thses situations you somehow take a different 'shape' (most dont realize it). There are moments when you feel like you are an eagle and fly, or when you feel tiger that is about to atack.... most people stick to one or two 'shapes' but depending on your knowledge about this you could theoreticaly take any of this virtual shapes, you just need to "learn" them .. or a better word that goes with the game, to recruit those creatures.
    The vital energy of the player is bound direclty to the creature power, remember that slider before the combat...als the user replenishes the creature life from its own, so i guess i made it obvious that the creatures ARE PART OF THE PLAYER itself.
    well... i will give up explaining, as i allready have the feeling my lack of language made all this too un-understandable for most ....Adi will kill me when he will see it and probably he will want to rephrase it...anyway...i tried.
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