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  1. Welcome Death Ray! Xpo has withdrawn his application to join the guardians
  2. *POKE* Get back in the game! Your missed!!

    1. Intrigue


      *POKE* I'm back, where are you??

  3. ibruzu


    My name choice was kinda lame! My character wakes from a coma basically covered in blood and is freaked out by what he see around him and vows to never kill again just bruise.. I Bruise you = Ibruzu
  4. Jazira. On behalf of the Guardians we welcome you Friend. Invitation sent (on a side note welcome back! You were missed!)
  5. Just so Firs isn't the only one speaking..Firs was given the leadership do to his loyalty standing with Amoran's departure. He immediately gathered as many of us together as possible and put the leadership to a vote. We agreed he had the reigns. This was a majority vote! I also was nominated and voted on by majority to be second to Firs. I think one of our main hopes right now is to be able to move on with making GoTR a strong alliance again and put and end to being the "topic of conversation" in these forums. If anyone has any questions or comments please feel free to speak to myself or Fi
  6. Leads us well and make Us proud Firs! :good:
  7. ibruzu


    Jazira sent me a message asking me to post that she would be away from the game. Perhaps forever because somebody hacked her system. This person is using her MD account as well as her YIM account. If you see Jazira and her flag is anything other then the U.S. it is her hacker.. treat them accordingly. I would like to add a personal side note since our friendly hacker is playing the game....... [spoiler]Nice job you friggin scumbag!!!!! [/spoiler]Jazira works hard everyday for this game.. and you, your [spoiler] guttless prick [/spoiler] drove her away! You have done damage to all players who
  8. Bottom Line...We're here! We were voted into office and we're trying to do our jobs and figure out how to run things smoothly so we don't run into tons of problems down the road. Several things have been delayed because of user issues from all of us and time contrasts. One of the things we didn't do was to take the time to post here with the results of the elections and recent events. Whoops!! We screwed up! Nothing more to say....We're going to fix it just like all the other problems we are destined to face. Give us a chance.
  9. Dst nailed it. Always ask for a copy of the attack log. And you can message from the members list here also if you need to. I haven't officially seen any complaints against you so no worries there.
  10. You Have my vote and support! :good:
  11. [quote name='Jazira' post='26677' date='Mar 8 2009, 10:05 AM']A thought : We spend one day in one dojo, then the next day, be in another Dojo, then a day off, then a day in the third dojo, and back to first. So, 2 days of work, one day off.. Sound good? EXAMPLE Schedule for Jazira and two Trainees under her care (not yet decided on who) Monday - Loreroot, Tuesday -Road of Battles, Wednesday - Day off, Thursday - Marble Dale (or new location), Friday - Loreroot, Saturday - Road of Battles, Sunday - Day off Again, just an Idea. I need your thoughts on this.. Also, schedules may not stay
  12. Hmmm, When am I on? Way too much! I am usually on between 14h and 1h and then again after 6h until 9h ( east coast U.S.) If I am not directly playing I check in constantly. I don't know the "shift" duration you are looking for, 2 hours, 4 hours?? I am very flexable and could set aside a block of time within reason almost any day during the week
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