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    new hampshire U.S.A.
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    I am now fully and totally Obsessed with M.D. I am an MMA trainer, drummer and singer and all around goofball
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  1. *is reminded of her 9th grade language arts teacher*

  2. Ben waiting for you to return for good. hahahhaah

  3. 'is obsessed'... With Money!

  4. 98 years old?OO!!!!lol

  5. Hey IB! What you been up to? All moved in now and missing seeing you around to tease.

  6. *kisses his cheek and smiles*

  7. Remind me of the head guy from TAPS! lol

  8. A drummer and a singer and bald :) Kinda like Phil Colins :D *darts away just in case Ibru might throw something at her*

  9. *POKE* Get back in the game! Your missed!!

    1. Intrigue


      *POKE* I'm back, where are you??

  10. Heh, lots of lasses on here talking. never knew you sang

  11. IF we ever meet, I want to kiss your bald head! *Swoons*

  12. Hey goofball! Work on your profile!

  13. This is my homey

  14. ibruzu


    My name choice was kinda lame! My character wakes from a coma basically covered in blood and is freaked out by what he see around him and vows to never kill again just bruise.. I Bruise you = Ibruzu
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